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  1. QuotheRaven

    Firefish Goby With Other Gobies?

    A question, there is a reputation between gobies and blennies that only one of each could be kept in a tank, but just thinking due to the firefish goby not being part of the Gobiodon genus and infact under Nemateleotris, can you keep a Gobiodon genus with a Nemateleotris genus goby?
  2. QuotheRaven

    Mantis Shrimp Pictures

    Hi everyone! :hyper: I have had a mantis shrimp for months since I first got my largest bit of live rock and it has killed just about everything in the tank that is smaller than it well I caught him and am giving him away to someone who collects them but first I took some photos
  3. QuotheRaven

    My Injured Finger

    These are pics of my finger today just before the stitches were removed... for those who missed the thread, i was cleaning some cover glass (very thick to) and I dropped it and it was falling towards my tank so I went to grab it/ hit it and it cut dow to the bone, cut the left digital artery, 4...
  4. QuotheRaven

    Yellow Watchmans Goby

    I am considering buying one but i only have crushed coral that ok for gobies and or blennies??
  5. QuotheRaven

    I'll Be Gone For A Week Or Two

    I was performing maintenance on one of my fish tanks, I grabbed my cover glass and was holding it in one hand while drying with a towel with my other, the glass slipped and it was heading for the front of my tank so I instinctively go to grab it and it smashed over my fingers. I have a cut...
  6. QuotheRaven

    Substrate Replacement Question

    I have crushed coral substrate in my nano tank however I find that it traps muck a heck of alot and not exactly the kindest substrate to burrowing fish and stuff SO...would I be able to take out all the substrate in the tank without hurting the cycle of the tank etc... because my idea is to get...
  7. QuotheRaven

    Severe Green Algae Water

    it has been in my tank for weeks but in the past few days the green water has gotten worse and I want to clear it obviously...whats the best way...apart from a 100% water change (I have tried the filter wool method aswell...doesn't work with how severe it is)
  8. QuotheRaven

    My Menagerie

    Including the 3-4 week old cockatiel chicks more pics The bird with the no neck feathers was a problem chick we rescued from bad neighbors and now he bred with my handtamed cockatiel (the other cockatiel in that photo) Our Rabbit
  9. QuotheRaven

    Marine Fish Safe For Ten Gallons

    I have looked around and cannot find any post that has a list of fish safe for the smaller nano tanks and with myself just about ready to stock my ten gallon nano im after a decent list and opinions :good:
  10. QuotheRaven

    Bumblebee Catfish Attacked

    Earlier today I moved my Bumblebee catfish from a 32 to 75 gallon tank now about 4 hours later he has a white fleshy thing on his back much like a fungus and some scrapes across either side of his body... I suspect they are bites from my Synodontis Eupterus in a battle for territory. I went to...
  11. QuotheRaven

    Stocking Question....please Respond Asap

    I have a 75 gallon and a 32 gallon tank the 32 has... 7 Cories, 2 hillstream loaches, 2 bumblebee catfishes, 1 spotted Raphael, 2 Upside down catfish, 4 Kuhlii Loaches I want to add my 6 Tiger barbs to the tank as they would suit the tank better..... Could they be ok?? I am considering moving...
  12. QuotheRaven

    Does Anyone Own A Epson Stylus R210?

    Ohk I am using a the Epson stylus printer R210 photo printer now I can occasionally get it working but now it's printing very red and yellow images with no blues and it's very messed up...Now every cartridge is new. So I tried to do a printer head alignment and when I printed out the black head...
  13. QuotheRaven

    How/when Can You Change The "leader Of The Fishies" Thing Un

    I have been wondering for ages...I haven't found out so thought I would ask :blush:
  14. QuotheRaven

    Cockatiel Just Laid An Egg

    My pet cockatiel Ragamuffin has been mating with our male cockatiel for a few months with two eggs laid but falling to the cage floor and cracking...this ones in the food dish with seed...but intact the issue is she is ignoring the egg and with another two birds marauding around the food what...
  15. QuotheRaven

    Do I Need A Ro Unit For A Marine Set Up

    I am getting some "cured" LR tommorow BUT I have to decide between some variables Ok question 1. Question 1: I have play sand thats in my Fresh water tropical tanks could that be put into my marine tank...unsure if it's safe though because of medications etc......The substrate I have currently...
  16. QuotheRaven

    Cory Eggs....

    My 32 Gallon tank has Albino, Bronze and Peppered cories and they breed ( minus the peppered cories) just about every month but today two of my female albino's have laid HUGE amounts of eggs all over the tank... Now The tank is full of egg eating fish ( Spiny eel, A variety of Hillstream loach...
  17. QuotheRaven

    Live Rock Cycling Advice Wanted

    I am setting up a Nano FOWLR tommorow hopefully and I was wondering about cycling with Live Rock and using it as a filter.... so here's my understanding 1: Buy Uncured rock OR cured rock but leave it out of water for a period 2a: let it sit in a tank and cycle.. 2b: Do you have live sand in...
  18. QuotheRaven

    Need Immediate Advice..dilema

    My red horse face OR Festivum have started attacking my small rendahls catfish and he will most likely be dead by mornings end if not seperated...I think it's the Horse face now I have a ten gallon tank with fresh water and a heater set up for my marine tank to be set up to cycle tommorow...the...
  19. QuotheRaven

    Accidental Head Wound On Catfish

    Hidi HO I had to do a water change on my 75 gallon as I hadn't been able to for 2-3 weeks due to exams and tests I tested my water and had ammonia however this test is from December of last year. The tank is fully cycled etc had no issues except for accidentally inbred Kribensis dying off...
  20. QuotheRaven

    19 Gallon Nano Diary - New Corals And Fish Etc

    11 1/2 inches high, 11 1/2 inches wide and 20 inches long tank, glass with silicon seams, former fresh water tank medications used on the tank but to my knowledge no copper unless it was a ingredient in a med. I have some old freshwater filters but have been in tanks with previous disease. I am...