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  1. QualityAquatics21

    How do you post an article?

    I was wondering where and how I could post an article. Also couldn’t find a category for this so, feel free to move it.
  2. QualityAquatics21

    Will this work?

    I’ve just set up an aquarium. It’s a one gallon, no filter. I’m currently cycling it. Would I need a filter for this tank? Inhabitants: a few cherry shrimp ( when it’s cycled)
  3. QualityAquatics21

    Can you really grow willow in aquariums?

    so there was a really big storm last night and I came outside this morning and a piece of willow ( one piece alive other not so much). Could I put this in my tank?
  4. QualityAquatics21

    Anyone interested in these emerald green cories?

    I have two emerald green Corydoras Catfish that I can no longer take care of. I believe one is female and the other is male. The male is one 1/2 in. and the female is 2.
  5. QualityAquatics21

    Is this tank suitable for snails?

    I have a 6.5 gallon tank and I want to add some snails to it. Ph: 7.0- 6.5 Ammonia: 0.0 Nitrite: 0.0 Nitrate: 0.5 - 0.10 Tank mates: crowntail betta (non- aggressive), a pair of Breeding Corydoras
  6. QualityAquatics21

    Hi guys!

    Welp just joined...