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  1. Ant_Soton

    Another 2 Foot Fish Tank For Sale

     2 Foot tank for Sale.  Complete with black wooden hood, twin T5 lighting, Tetra IN800 filter, Elite 100W heater, Tetra APS 100 pump and air stone. Has black background and Gravel. This tank is slightly older and has a few scratches on it but not too noticeable when full.    Price with Fish: £45...
  2. Ant_Soton

    2 Foot Fish Tank For Sale

    I have for Sale an Elite 60 litre tank (60x30x35). Fully equipped with T8 light in hood, Elite Stingray 15 filter, Tetra IN400 filter, 100W aqua one heater, black gravel and black background (can be removed). Tank in excellent Condition with no scratches on the glass.   Price with Fish: £55...
  3. Ant_Soton

    My Tanks

    Hey Guys, have'nt been on for a while as I've been ill Tanks needed a bit of work and this is what they are now looking like First, the big tank And another of the big tank
  4. Ant_Soton

    My Plec Has Discovered Courgette

    And boy, does he love it. He's been attached to it since i put it in the tank bout half an hour ago. I've tried a few times before but he wasn't interested. He's more than making up for it now !!
  5. Ant_Soton

    Think I May Have A Job!

    Went for an interview/meeting yesterday and today and have been put on the Rota for next week as a Trial. Fingers crossed !!! I'm pretty excited as I've not had work for quite a while !! :-)
  6. Ant_Soton

    How Is Bacteria Beneficial To Fish?

    As the heading suggests. How is it beneficial?
  7. Ant_Soton

    How Is Bacteria Beneficial To Fish?

    As the heading suggests. How is it beneficial?
  8. Ant_Soton

    How Long Should Lighting In Tank/s Be Kept On?

    I keep my tanks i a conservatory, i know its not the best place for tanks as they get quite warm and are very bright a lot of the time. This in mind, how long should i have my lighting on for as i don't think its really needed much during the day ?? Thanks peeps !
  9. Ant_Soton

    Penguin Tetra Staying In One Place

    AS heading says, one of my penguin teras is just staying in one place (the corner of the tank). Could he be watching the fish in the other tank? Or is he poorly do you think? Any help much appreciated. Thanks guys !!! :good:
  10. Ant_Soton

    Pakistani Loaches

    Do they ever stay still? The seem very active fish !!! Trying to get pics of mine. Proving very difficult !!
  11. Ant_Soton

    Condensation Trays

    Just wandering as with the new lids on the tanks its going to be arkward when cleaning etc as i'd have to take the lid off to get the condensation tray off. The feeding flaps are not big enough to get my arm in or the gravel vac !! Just worried about my lights though.
  12. Ant_Soton

    Progress On Lids

    Ok, so i'm crap at working with wood, so my dad is making the lids for my tanks. This is the start of the lid for the big tank Does'nt look like much in that photo but will post up some pics when finished
  13. Ant_Soton

    How Long Can Fish Survive With No Filter Running?

    Any ideas? I unplugged my filters a couple of days ago to change the filter media and somehow forgot to plug them back in. I don't see any dead or poorly looking fish and have now plugged filters back in. It's really hard to count the fish to see if they're all there as they're always moving...
  14. Ant_Soton

    Hows This For A Tank?
  15. Ant_Soton

    How Many Tanks Have You Had/got?

    Was just wandering how many tanks you have all had and how many you have now. I've had 5 including the 2 i have now. Can't remember what sizes of my old tanks as it was so long ago before i moved to UK.
  16. Ant_Soton

    Fish Tank Lids

    I'm thinking black at the moment (Matt)
  17. Ant_Soton

    My Tanks

    My Big Tank
  18. Ant_Soton

    Penguin Tetras

    Hi all After a bit of a break due to illness i'm back again to bug you. I picked up some Penguin Tetras yesterday from LFS but they seem to be swimming in and upward direction. Is this normal as I have never kept Penguin tetras ??!! Thanks :good:
  19. Ant_Soton

    Suitable Tank Mates For Dwarf Gouramis

    I have in my larger tank 6 neons, two dwarf gouramis, four bronze corrys (soon to be 6) and a plec. Should this be alright? I have noticed on of my gouramis had a slightly shorter fin? (them long danfly things) on one side than the other. Is this something to be worried about? Is he being...
  20. Ant_Soton

    Lighting And Moisture

    I was wandering what lighting you all use as thats the next thing i'll be setting up in my tanks. I had a tank before with a built in light and the tube went every 2-3 months because the fitting always filled up with condensation. Any advice would be most welcome ( bearing in mind i have a very...