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    Hello to folks who remember me and also to those who dont! Just popping in to say that after 4 years of bliss and smooth sailing in my main Discus tank I woke yesterday to find every fish in the tank dead :( A faulty heater had stuck on 'on' and you could feel the heat coming from the tank from...
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    Stone Age Ireland

    Some people might already know that I've been criss-crossing Ireland over the last two years or so finding and photographing Irelands ancient tombs, stone circles and standing stones, here's a quick taster of the delights to be found among the hedges, sheep and cows :) You meet a lot of stones...
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    The Lion at Dublin zoo:
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    Deer Oh Deer..

    For a change from ancient stones, some deer pics from my lunch break yesterday. Was eating a sandwich in the park when I noticed some eyes were watching me from the grassy knoll...
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    From Twilight To Dawn

    A sequence of photographs taken at Poulnabrone Dolmen, located in the heart of the Burren in Co. Clare, Ireland. The area is a strange and beautiful landscape of weathered limestone and the first farmers here used the slabs of limestone to build this tomb almost 6,000 years ago. Many people...
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    Dawn Reflections

    While on the way back from a photo trip to a magical five stone circle in Co. Kerry, the south west of Ireland, I drove past this little fishing pier at the side of the lakes. It was pitch dark when I was on my way past before dawn, when I passed again this made me slam on the brakes an run to...
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    Break Of Dawn

    Beltany Tops is one of Irelands oldest stone circles, some experts think it may be the first stage of the change from passage tomb kerbstones to open air stone circles. It is fairly massive though partly ruined. This was taken at Dawn 16th October this year.
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    Tiger encounters

    The Amur and Sumatran Tigers in Dublin zoo, again... Its lucky that the tigers in Dublin zoo are behind glass rather than wire, wish someone cleaned it more often though!
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    Only a naked woman

    Can get a reaction like this!
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    Cheetah Cubs

    Two little guys who stole the show in Fota Wildlife park which is in Cork (southern Ireland), one of the most succesful Cheetah breeding centres in the world. And one with her doting mother:
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    There's always one...

    There you are.. trying to capture the solemn solitude of a life in captivity in one picture and suddenly...
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    No 'Mere' Cats!

    The Meerkats are one of my favourite small animals, they are so alert and worried looking, they even make smaller twittering, worrying sounds! The electrician was in the enclosure fixing their heat lamp at the time I was there, it was so funny to see them using 'tactics' and charging him to bite...
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    Things that roar and snarl

    The Lions and Tigers of Dublin zoo
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    Sorrento, Italy, 2 pics

    Two pics of Sorrento on the west coast of Italy where we spent the first few nights of our honeymoon. We had dinner in a nice restaurant in the small harbour (Marina Grande) which is actually on stilts above the water so I could get a nice shot of the harbour at night from our table. The second...
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    The Colosseum at night (2 pics)

    No need to introduce these pics! I indulged in a couple of new lenses on holiday, these were taken with the new Tamron 11-18 Super Wide angle, I'm amazed at the quality of this less expensive lens.
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    Pompeii tour by night: Part I (6 pics)

    While on honeymoon in Italy we did the obligatory tour of Pompeii during the day, which was amazing. It was only when we were leaving we saw an ad for the night time tour of the ruins, lit up in a spectacular light show with a sountrack by Ennio Morricone and a video show projected onto the...
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    Otters (1 pic)

    Two otters from Belfast zoo :)
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    The Prairie Dogs and The Imposter!

    The Prairie Dogs at Belfast zoo, plus a wannabe :) I know two photos are very similar but I cant decide if I prefer the flash one or the no-flash one... 1 2 3 4 5 6 Did you spot the odd one out?
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    Boots in a Barrel

    Just as it says: A pair of boots sticking out of a barrel. Anyone who has ever gone to a concert in Slane Castle is probably familiar with these legs sticking out of the barrel outside a pub near Slane, they've been there as long as I can remember, maybe over 30 years and I've wanted to stop by...
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    Kinvara Castle at night

    Kinvara Castle on the shore of the Burren, County Clare. Approx 10:45pm on Sunday night.