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  1. Sgooosh

    Will It Melt??? (not a gameshow)

    so i want some horn wort for my very understocked tank that dosent have enough nutriens will it instantly melt like my cacomba?
  2. Sgooosh

    floaters that can withstand flow

    so i want some floaters that can withstand flow in my tank... duckweed seems to work already (i have some) what about Red root floater? salvinia?
  3. Sgooosh

    Mosquito fish and ghost shrimp

    Hello I am thinking about getting ghost shrimp. But I also need a fish to keep the bugs away So will the mosquito guys eat the ghost shrimp
  4. Sgooosh

    Shipping some plants :D

  5. Sgooosh

    Leopard ramshorns

    @Aspen35 Here are some hitchhiker guys
  6. Sgooosh

    Snail shell deteriorate

    My 3 mystery snail shells have been getting worse over time… how do i fix this??! 75g tank photos will come tomorrow I have egg shellpowder and corals On my other threads people said that i can add magnesium sulfate to increase gh and maybe dissolve the. Calciums that i already have
  7. Sgooosh

    Your guys’s shops..

    Hi, looking for cheap shops for floaters and whatnot in the us... I’d also be happy to support some of u guys stores
  8. Sgooosh

    2 assorted questions

    so 1. Can I use garlic or prazipro soaked food on a fish inside a breeder in a 75g tank? What is this..? I fed bloodworms yesterday if that’s what it is
  9. Sgooosh

    Digital Art suggestions

    Hello! @Aspen35 These are my digital arts so far... I know not the best, but I think I am improving! I used oil paints like you suggested for the guppy! I will try to draw suggestions too lol... I’d like an image to draw based off of rather than just a species of fish or something... A...
  10. Sgooosh

    Guppy Rehab Journal

    Hello.. In my 75 gallon high flow tank, there’s a new guppy called bagel. He was in the tank for a month but his development is still slow He is only eating from the ground Should I do garlic treatment? maybe he has too many parasites
  11. Sgooosh

    Imposter~not really

    So I have this one “guppy ” and he might be an endless guppy He was a Japanese blue lyre tail he was longer and thinner than most Some of his nephews on the side of him there ( he wasn’t really their uncle ) As you can see he isn’t as plump or as. Short as all thise He might be an endler guppy...
  12. Sgooosh

    Guppy Not Eating

    Hi, i have a new dumbo guppy and he is not eating photos coming later is this the consequence of putting hiim in a high flow tank??? all my other dumbos are fine, but they have grown up in high flow... i put him in a breeder with some hikari guppy
  13. Sgooosh

    Selling Duckweed (help, not ad)

    Hi, i will be selling duckweed and later water lilies (bulbs) does anyone have a store? i dont know how to do it i prefer etsy or ebay or whatever
  14. Sgooosh

    Jolly rancher ad

    There’s multiple goldfish in there as well as crayfish
  15. Sgooosh

    Infusoria producing leaves

    Idk what infusoria is, but cory babies like to eat it… What are some leaves that produce it? Theres no almond trees where i am. Also im too poor to buy indian almond leaves Will driftwood do the trick?
  16. Sgooosh


    Soooo My filter is too strong and my plants do not like it. Id like to add a sponge to the back to lessen water flow. Could any of you post some good links to sponges? Dont need anything fancy
  17. Sgooosh

    Thank You Mods!!

    Thanks for the new reactions... Also why are they more low res (on my screen) iPad mini
  18. Sgooosh

    Rest In Peace Queen Guppy, tribute to queen guppy

    On the noon of July,17, the Queen guppy passed away... She was my favorite guppy.. When I was near the tank, she used to follow my finger around.. I feel sorry for letting all her friends and family die in front of her, when I was an inexperienced one... but I guess you’ve completed your...
  19. Sgooosh

    Guppy old…

    My dear Queen guppy (more than 2 years) I think is deteriorating.. Her belly is looking strange can i fix this? Shes had many pregnancies so she may not be so strong anymore, if i cant, illjust let her have the best last days
  20. Sgooosh

    Pleco drawing, new app!!!

    Experimenting with some new apps This one is procreate. Awesome app. Costs ten US dollars sadly Cardinal tetras, Anubis’s nana, and a pleco what type of pleco? Just found the reference image online .