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    Question About Ammonia Remover

    ammonia remover can it be placed so that the ammonia can hit the media first then hit the remover so that bacteria can grow and form with out letting more enter the tank ? just a quick question for fish cycling thank you
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    Heater With Condensation Inside

    hi all i have had two interpet heaters now both have had condensation inside is this ok there not exploding or anything i have a 4ft tank 175 litre and its not getting to temperature iver doe i need two heaters inside? i have a 300w in here at the min
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    Moving Old Tank To New Tank?

    hi everyone i'm new i'm ash! i am new to all this so be nice! lol i have just got a new bigger tank 175 litter 4 foot long reason being i was miss advised from were i got them from and my tank is over crowded... how can i move my fish over to my new tank a sap thanks! oh i have 3 silver...