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    Need Advice For My 60 Gallon Tank

    Hello! I'm trying to avoid over-stocking and I wanna make sure fish personalities will come together well. I have a 60 gallon tank that's 36 in wide and 28 in high. Here are the stats taken by the API freshwater test kit: Temperature - 77 Fahrenheit pH - between 7.2 and 7.4 Ammonia - 0.25 ppm...
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    Red Tailed Shark Won't Eat

    I recently got a RTS and I've never seen it eat. I have tried tropical flakes, blood worms, sinking pellets (that my previous Cory Cats loved), and algae wafers that sink. The flakes sink eventually but then they just sit there, and the blood worms float but my shark doesn't go to the top of the...