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    Also gold fish can get lonely, so I would get 2. They don't need a school just a friend.
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    I have 4 large gold fish in a 75 right now, and again I am going bigger. I didn't do my research on how big gold fish get. My son wanted some fish. I always loved my fish tanks but never had a gold fish. My goldy's just keept getting bigger, so do my tanks. We started with a 10g and 4 bigger...
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    What Fish Do You Regret Buying?

    My son got 4, 12 cent goldfish for a 10 gallon. Wow I didn't do my research. As they got bigger so did my tanks. I am on my 4th bigger tank for them. They are currently in a 75gallon, and well I found an amazing deal for a 100 gallon tank. So they get to move again soon. It's hard to find...
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    People just don’t get it...

    I also have people think I am crazy because I make jello for my fish or blanching veggies. Always something. I had the guy at the store say you must really like cucumbers your always getting them. He looked at me so crazy when I said they were for my fishies and I don't really like cucumbers...
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    People just don’t get it...

    I completely understand. Most don't understand what goes into a large tank. I love my fish, I love decorations for them. I find it so much fun. I shop as much for my fish tanks as I do my dogs and my son lol.
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    I just found a baby gold fish, swimming in my tank. My 3 year old big gold fish had their first baby. They didn't eat him.
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    What Did I Get Myself Into?

    An Awesome Hobby. Better than anything on tv.
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    What Got ya Started in the hobby?

    I bought my first fish tank with my first paycheck I ever had when I was 18. Unfortunately after a few years my brother threw a wii remote and it broke. That was a sad day and a mess. So I got out of the hobby for years. Then I had a kid, and our neighbor has a zoo at her house wich include a...
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    Vote Now!..October 2020 Fish of the Month contest (Bettas)

    This is Darth Vader in my 10 gallon tank. It's his halloween town right now. Darth is about 1 1/2 years old.