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    My First Attempt at a Planted Aquarium

    So, as I mentioned in my introductory post, after 15 years away I have rekindled my enjoyment of fishkeeping. I have purchased a Juwel Rio 240, as I am not allowed to get a dog or 4 kittens, and have decided that I'll set up a low maintenance planted tank. So here are a few pictures showing how...
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    I've Been Gone 12 Years

    I was a member between 2004 and 2009 but stopped posting when I fell out of love with fishkeeping, my youngest son continued to have fish and we've kept a tank going in the meantime. I'm now looking to upgrade our current tank, a Boyu 100 and am looking at either the Rio 240 or Vison 180. Will...
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    Juwel Rekord 600 For Sale

    Hi, I'm offering for sale a Juwel Rekord 6000, approximately 18months old, included is the internal heater/filter, a second internal filter, Juwel background. It's in black and comes with the stand, some small scratches on the glass but not too noticeable. I'm offering this on behalf a a...
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    New Royal Plec Has Lump On His Head

    Hi I bought a Royal Plec this afternoon from a well known chain of fish stores. I did not notice whilst in the shop, but have since acclimatising him that there is a lump on his head, just above his right eye. Can anybody suggest what the lump might be? In the attached photo the lump can be...
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    A Rare Sighting In My Tank

    Two pictures are attached, hopefully. The first one is Fred my Snowball Plec, I don't see him very often but tonight when feeding his algae wafer fell into the corner of the tank and he stayed eating it long enough for me to take a few pictures of him. The second picture is Sid, my L001. He's...
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    Eheim Classic 2215 Stopped Working

    Hi all I'm not around here much these days and when I am it's only to seek advice. Anyway my Eheim Classic 2215 has stopped working. I noticed the other day that the flow from the spraybar was very low but did nothing about it, I came home from work tonight and checked and there was nothing...
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    Another Request For Pleco Id

    Hi all, I bought this pleco recently, on impulse rather stupidly, he was sold to me as a Leopard Pleco but I can't find a Leopard Pleco on Planet Catfish. Can anybody ID him for me? Thanks Gary
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    Installed A New Eheim Classic 2215

    which is running alongside the exisiting Juwel filter in my Trigon 190. The Eheim seems to be working okay but I have ended up with two small curved plastic pieces unused, the Eheim manual is not particularly clear as to where these pieces should go. Can anybody shed any light as to where they...
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    Zebra Danio Swimming Oddly

    Hi all, I came home from work tonight and noticed that my Zebra Danio is swimming rather oddly. He's swimming almost completely on his side and slightly head down. I suspect that he may have swimbladder disease but am not 100% certain. None of the other fish in the tank are showing any...
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    Let It Snow

    As quite a few peopl in the UK are having snow I thought I'd post a picture of Fred, my Snowball Pleco. I've had him just over a week, he's very shy and seems to spend most of his time hiding under the piece of bogwood you can see him peering out of.
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    I Killed My Golden Sucking Loach............grrrrrrrrrrrr

    I'd got a bit behind with my tank maintenance so decided, yesterday, to have a good clear up. Water change, good vacuum of the sand. trim the dead leaves from the plants etc. To help with this I decided to remove all of the ornaments and bogwood to make access to the sand easier. I have a Trigon...
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    Sorry, Another Stocking Question

    I've upgraded from a 60l to a 190l and am unsure how many fish I can add to my new tank. My existing fish are shown below in my signature......I'd like to add 4 cardinals to give my solitary cardinal some company, 4 Zebra Danios, 2 Dwarf Gouramis and some Clown Loaches. I would also like to...
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    Help - My Fish Are Dying

    I added 5 Cardinal Tetras to my tank on Sunday afternoon, one of them died on Monday night, one on Tuesday night and one this morning. I have now discovered one of my Zebra Danios dead as well. I tesetd my water on each occasion after a death and my ammonia and nitrite have been and still are...
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    My Tank

    This is the first time I've tried to upload so hopefully it works ok. This is my 60l tank, it's been running for about 8 weeks now and all appears ok. Any comments on improving the layout would be welcome. Cheers
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    Tank Cycled - What Fish to add Now

    My tank has now cycled, it's a 60 litre, 24"x12"x13" I currently have 3 Zebra Danios which have helped in the cycling process and am wondering what type and how many new fish I can add. Obviously I don't want to add too many too quickly and undo the cycle but my intention is for the tank to be...
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    When to Introduce Fish?

    I know that this is a real newbie question but when should I introduce fish to my aquarium? It's a 60 litre aquarium. I've only had it for a week, I've tested twice and today's results were PH 7.6 Ammonia between 0.25 and 0.50 Nitrite 0.25 Nitrate 0ppm I haven't added anything to the water...
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    Another Newbie Here

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of setting up my first aquarium and will no doubt be looking for lots of help and advice. Gary