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  1. Sharkbait420

    Hello. Is there rehab for fish addiction?

    I just got back in the hobby last year...started with two tanks...I now have 10 going there is no cure...PS ..IMHO you should have gotten the 90G :)
  2. Sharkbait420

    Fin Rot?

    maybe try some API aquarium salt (correct dosage for the tank he's in) and raise the temp to 80ish and see if he improves. Good luck hope he improves
  3. Sharkbait420

    Fin Rot?

    by all means, i am no expert in the hobby I just got back into it last year. but I can try to help, let me ask a few things first .what kind of plants? Have you done a water test Nitrite ammonia ph double-check temp in that tank?
  4. Sharkbait420

    back into it

    hey all been some years since I had a tank .just getting back into it,I had a little 55 with a big oscar. gave it up when he passed :( .but that was then this is now..started with a 36g bow tank and a 20g hexagon tank both up and running now have angelfish in the 36 and a couple of mollies and...