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  1. Blondielovesfish

    Starting Fresh - 6G Nano Tank

    Hi all,  After my betta Zeus died a few weeks ago (You can read the journal HERE), I decided that I wanted to start fresh with the tank.  I gave it a complete 100% water change (several actually, I tried my hardest to get as much gunk out from the sand), and then I gave my tank a rescape. Here...
  2. Blondielovesfish


    On Wednesday, my family got a new dog :D Her name is Lacey and she is a pure breed fox terrier, she will be eight weeks old on Tuesday.   Now for pics!     That was just on the way home after picking her up.     She was sleeping, but when I got my iPad out for the photos she woke up haha.    ...
  3. Blondielovesfish

    Brown Spots On Leaves

    My blue hygrophila (hygrophila corymbosa) has recently started developing brown spots in its leaves. I've had it for almost a month and it has started doing this in the last week or so. Brief research has led me to believe it might be caused by a deficiency of iron, however I can't seem to find...
  4. Blondielovesfish

    Minimum Tank Length For Danios?

    I'm curious to see what you would classify the absolute minimum tank length for a school (8+) of Zebra Danios.  The tank would be 30cm deep and 30-40cm high.   :thanks:
  5. Blondielovesfish

    Dwarf Puffer Tank Journal

    Hello all,   I've finally picked up my tank today, it is currently full of water outside to check if there is any leaks   The tank is a second hand AquaOne AR126. It is in a fairly good condition, except for the little bit of algae in the corners, which I managed to get most of it off using a...
  6. Blondielovesfish

    Beamswork Led200

    Hi all, I'm thinking of buying the BeamsWork LED200 for my 5 gallon tank and was wondering if any of you have any experience with it?  Here's the information provided on the auction:         I would like to grow low-medium light plants. Would this be suitable?   Thanks for any and all help :)
  7. Blondielovesfish

    What To Feed Pygmy Corys?

    Hi all,   I'm getting 10 Pygmy Corys soon for my 22 gallon tank and I'm wondering what to feed them.   What do you feed yours?   What foods do they love?   Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Blondielovesfish

    Cycling Section?

    I was just wondering if it was possible to have a section for questions about cycling? I regularly see posts about cycling so I was thinking that it would be easier for the people that know quite a lot about cycling to help those in need. Just an idea :)
  9. Blondielovesfish

    What Effects Does Cloudy Ammonia Have?

    Hi all, I posted this comment on another thread awhile ago and thought that I should get it checked out to see what faults you can find with using this guide to cycle with cloudy ammonia:   The other day, after I went to my nearest supermarket to see if they had any pure/clear ammonia, I started...
  10. Blondielovesfish

    Betta Vs Guppies, Which Would You Choose?

    Okay, we'll I've got a 5 gallon, 21 litre tank that is free at the moment. I want to set up a nano tank and I want some opinions... Would you have a Betta in the tank or 3 male guppies? The filter is an AquaOne Clear View 100 HOB. I really just can't make up my mind which is why I thought it...
  11. Blondielovesfish

    Found This Useful.

    Hi all, On another forum we were debating how good dechlorinaters were because some people were saying they are a waste of money and others saying that certain fish are sensitive to dechlorinaters ( some native New Zealand fish) and this is what one person said. I thought I should pass it on as...
  12. Blondielovesfish

    New Filter, What Would You Recommend?

    Hi all. I currently have a 21L tank that I will be turning into a Nano soon for some Guppies and I was wondering what filter I should have.  I currently have an AquaOne Maxi 101F internal filter but I'm not happy with it as the suction cups don't really work (they stick on for about 1-2 hours...
  13. Blondielovesfish

    Plants For A Nano Tank

    Hi all, Firstly I hope this is the right place, I didn't know if it should go here of in the nano section. So... I'm going to be setting up a nano tank soon and I'm looking for some suggestions for what plants to put in there. I want some java fern and some sort of anubia but I need a plant...
  14. Blondielovesfish

    Possible Nano Tank?

    Hi all, I've got a 21L tank that I used to use as goldfish (when I was younger and didn't know much about keeping fish) and I now want to set it up as a tropical nano tank. It has been running as a coldwater tank with just one turquoise danio (I will rehome him). I want to start from scratch and...
  15. Blondielovesfish

    Which Tank?

    Hi all, As some of you know I've been waiting on a fish tank that is on order but because it has taken so long my LFS are offering me a tank at the same price as the one on order (it is usually dearer than the tank on order) Okay so my tank on order is a Blue Planet Vista HPLED 167 Litre tank...
  16. Blondielovesfish

    Help With Lighting?

    I am buying a 167 litre tank soon and on the website it says it has a 12watt LED lighting. I have absolutely no idea about lighting so if you could tell me if it is low, medium or high lighting then that would be great! With whatever it is (low/medium/high) what sort of plants would be good...
  17. Blondielovesfish

    My Current Stocking List

    Hi, (I hope this is in the right place and sorry if it isn't) I'm getting a 167 litre tank soon and I'm working out the stocking. This is my current list (I'm open to suggestions): 8 Neon Tetras 6 Pristella Tetras 1 Dwarf Gourami 2 Keyhole Cichlids.   The only thing is I'm wondering about...
  18. Blondielovesfish

    More Plants, Suggestions?

    I'm getting a 160 litre or 167 litre tank soon and I'm deciding on plants. I've decided to have the following: Java moss, Java fern, Anubias nana, Amazon sword. The amazon sword will be planted in a small pot (for ease of cleaning) and I want some more plants that can be like that. Hardy and...
  19. Blondielovesfish

    Neon And Pristella Tetra Information?

    Hi, Soon I'm going to be getting 8 neon tetras and 6 pristella tetra for a 160L tank, I've done a lot of reading about them but I would still like as much as I can get. My main questions are: What would be the ideal temperature for them? (Celcius please) What sort of food do they prefer? Do...
  20. Blondielovesfish

    Dwarf Gourami Information?

    Hi, Soon I'm going to be getting a dwarf gourami for a 160L tank, I've done a lot of reading about them but I would still like as much as I can get. My main questions are: What would be the ideal temperature for one? (Celcius please) What sort of food do they prefer? Do they like much filter...