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    Fluval Osaka Tang Stocking Sugestions

    Hi all Hope some of you can advise me, i recently got hold of a fluval osaka 260ltr that id like to setup as a tang community. Its used to be setup as a marine reef system and is running a eheim pro wet/dry 2227 and a v2 600f fluidised sand bed filter so will have a fair amount of filtation...
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    In Need Of Urgent Advice

    Im concerned about the health of my fish, as you can see from my last post i was under the impression that my apisto's were about to start breeding, both the female and male had been guarding the cave...
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    First Planted Tank Need Some Ideas

    Hey all This is my first aquarium and my first planted tank, i decided from the start i want to go planted and im hoping to achieve 75% + low tech planted (not wanting to use CO2 yet). This is how we are looking atm, i recently upgraded the lighting and im pretty pleased that everything has...
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    1St Topic And After Advice

    Hey all its my first post in this area and im after some advice, my wife and i decided we want a tropical aquarium, we were originally thinking of the small ones you see in places like pets at home but after research (lots of) we decided bigger is better and easier to look after. we settled on...