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  1. BigTuna

    Could Someone Design Me A Logo?

    I am looking at making a facebook group that has to do with my work.  I'd like a basic, but sharp looking logo to attract people to join.  Anything other than drawing stick men in microsoft paint is over my head.  I'd greatly appreciate anyone who may be willing to tackle this for me.   Let me...
  2. BigTuna

    Acceptable Acrylic?

    I am going to be building my first ever sump shortly so I was calling around to line up materials.  My local hardware store only supplies Lucite sheets.  They tell me its the same thing as acrylic.  The local glass shop sells Lexan.  An hour away is all kind of hardware and glass shops so I am...
  3. BigTuna

    Bigtuna's Canadian Music Thread

    Just a little something for fun.  Not sure if it will get much attention/discussion, but I'll give it a shot.  Just thought I'd share some of my favorite Canadian music with you all, since there are users on here that expand all over the place.  Let me know if there are songs I post that you...
  4. BigTuna

    Best All-In-One?

    Once I get a little more experience under my belt with my FOWLR tank I'd like to get a small reef tank for our kitchen area that me and my wife can both play around with. I am looking at all my options but something around 30G is appealing me the most. I want something that is good on the eyes...
  5. BigTuna

    Meet Zeus

    Bored, so I decided to take some new picts of my cat jumping around the house. I'm a terrible photographer, so my skills don't do him any justice. And here's an iphone video of him shaking a paw for treats. :D
  6. BigTuna

    Bigtuna's Ocean In A Wall

    So here is my journal. I started just over two weeks ago. I converted my tank from an 'established' Fresh to salt. I'll do my best to be as detailed as I can, and I appreciate all comments and input. Even if you want to criticize, I welcome it, just please be constructive. I should also ask you...
  7. BigTuna

    Hanging Overflows?

    Newbie here. Right now I have an Aqueon overflow, and it seems to be a bit on the noisy side. I have done some looking around on the web, and the CPR Siphon Overflow has caught my attention. The cs202 is similar to the pict, but with 2 bulkheads instead of one. I've heard they run...
  8. BigTuna

    I Need Some Stocking Advice

    First of all, please don't go by my signature for my stocking info, it badly needs updating. I am thinking about moving around some fish to my relatives tanks, but the fish that I will not give away are: Bala Black Banded Leporinus petricola Catfish multipunctata Catfish Sterbai Corys Albino...
  9. BigTuna

    My Rams Are Gone!

    So my three Rams are all dead today. Went to work this morning with 3, come home to 0. There was nothing left of 2, and the 3rd must have just died and my barbs were taking advantage. I'm extremely frustrated at myself, and possibly my barbs? I was told the Rams would be fine with my stock...
  10. BigTuna

    Electric Blue Rams

    I finally got some Electric Blue Rams. Stunning fish, have quickly become my favorite. I got four of them in total today. The picts do not do them justice, but I must show them off! I'm not very good at telling, and I am sure the photos aren't easy to tell, but my guess is they are...
  11. BigTuna

    My Son Turns 1 Week Today!

    I know I haven't been around long enough to really get to know everyone, but I just have to share a picture of my newborn son! :D Say hi to Nate, who was born one week ago today.
  12. BigTuna

    Where To Start?

    First things first, I am pretty new to the freshwater hobby, so this is something I want down the road. I am completely blown away with the saltwater fish and reef. I'm thinking in a couple of years I'd like to build my own saltwater system. I guess what I am wondering is if any of you...
  13. BigTuna

    Lost A Cory

    I brought a three more Corys home to join up with the 2 I had already. They seemed to be doing great in the new tank, but this morning one of them had died. There seemed to be no signs leading up to this, or at least none that I could pick up on. The others still seem to be doing great, but...
  14. BigTuna

    Just A Few Picts

    I was having a hard time trying to capture decent quality picts. Easier said then done. Here's a few of the 'better' ones I got tonight. :D
  15. BigTuna

    Thank You Add On

    I mentioned this in a thread in the general discussion forum. A member brought up the question if post counts equals valued advice? It made me think of a board I was a member of for many years. We were a random board, with no central theme. Therefore we had a very wide range of topics...
  16. BigTuna

    Custom Signatures

    Any photoshoppers willing to do custom sigs/avatars? I could use a BigTuna sig :)
  17. BigTuna

    Id Please

    Just need ID on these three plants, please. Thanks in advance Plant #1 This is my favorite plant of the three. Seems to also be holding up the best of my new plants. plant #2 and #3 Plant #4
  18. BigTuna

    Disaster Struck

    Yesterday morning I had a rude awakening as my 90 gallon freshwater tank had blown seals and was pouring water all over my basement floor. I was hours cleaning it up and saving ALL of my fish. While I was pretty upset at first, I phoned the store that sold me the tank and they were incredible...
  19. BigTuna

    Unwanted Visitors?

    I tried posting earlier in another thread but wasn't getting any feedback. I noticed a couple days ago, completely out of the blue, that there were dozens of tiny 'snail-like' critters throughout my freshwater tank. I have not added anything in months. No new fish, no new ornaments. Any...