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    What type of snail is the best (non-propagating, non-destructive, and a communal asset)? I've read several discussions online about varieties of snails and their habits. I'd like some recommendations on what snails you'd like and how to care for them. Thanks in advance.
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    HELP! Water is a mess.

    This are my tested tank numbers: PH - 6.0 Hi Range PH - Bright Yellow Color not on chart Ammonia 1.0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 This is the TAP WATER on Water Plant site Hardness 4.3 to 6.2 Ave 5.1 Alkalinity 4.4 - 10 Ave 8 Ammonia 5.3 This is going on three months. I...
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    Question about Vac and Fill Devices like Python

    Another Newbie Question whose answer might be obvious. Is this a Duh? or No Duh? question? I see that the vacuuming function of these devices would be a godsend, but when using the filling function I have a big concern. The water from my tap is chlorinated and needs help to become...
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    Putting in plants.

    I've read that plants can be put into the gravel substrate. I have cuttings that came bound in a rubber band. Newby dumb question: is the rubber band removed or should I leave it on? I can hear the guffaws already.
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    It's been 15 years

    I once had a great tank and kept mostly Gourami (Pearls). I had a bad accident and gave up fish keeping. Now retired and in the throws of a pandemic, I decided it was time to renew my fishkeeping again. Unfortunately, I have forgotten so much, I almost feel like a novice. I'm a retired...