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    Stupid Snails

    This one gets discussed a lot, im surprised a search hasnt produced results. If assassins are of the list and you cant fit fish that would eat them in your tank then your only real option is to manually remove them, iv seen my fish occasionally pecking on the eggs but not enough to get rid of...
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    Cory Was Acting Wierd, Then Found Dead - Can Anyone Help It's Been

    just out of interest what do you feed the tank and was there anything noticable about the body when removed?
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    Argos Childrens Sand

    i use argos play sand to, looks real nice and cheap aswell. I put it in a 5 gall brewing bucket, fill to the 20 ltr mark with water and stir it all up, let the sand settle then pour of the water. repeat until the water is clear (7 or 8 fills usually)
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    Hair Algae

    All true to a point, a small amount of hair algae is not a concern to me, in fact i try to encourage it as a food source, atm i have to much growing due to incorect lighting the simple fix is to replace the bulb (planned) and in the mean time iv reduced the lighting period. adding more shrimp...
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    Hair Algae

    as mentioned i dont believe you have hair algae. Currently going through a hair algae problem in my new tank, for me its the lighting, im seeing amazing plant growth but also a mass of hair algae (need to swap out the marine white light). Control wise iv been using amano shrimp, watched one the...
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    Guppy Problems...

    To me the hardness and ph sound to low, as far as im aware guppys are fine with some salt aswell. When i first started fish keeping i had mollies in with the community, they bred and were typical mollies, as time went on they would become more prone to fungal infections and just seem less active...
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    Best Way To Keep Nitrates Down?

    direct answer to the question as the rest have already commented on stocking and regular water changes.... Plants, The faster they grow the more they remove, The best ones would be ones that have access to air above the tank for CO2 use without injection systems, even seen window style box's...
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    Filter Has Crashed & Have Whitespot :(

    hard to tell what they died of without seeing the fish and knowing there symptoms, from my past experience whitespot doesnt usuall kill that fast and not usually in the first infection phase which is why its important to treat as soon as you see it (to prevent it getting worse). Is it not...
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    One Of Those Days

    sad thing to happen, add the lfs to one not to trust, if it was me id be having a word with the boss aswell. As already said malawi's require a diff water chemistry to angels so the lfs was totally of on there suggestion and just going for sales. kribs are questionable, some seem to get along...
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    Quick Question

    i had some coral skeletons and marine rock left over from when i stripped and sold of my marine setup, To use it in fw i probably went overboard, i scrubbed n soaked it for a wk in tap water, then baked it at a low temp in the oven for 4 hours (word of warning this stinks like burnt sea and i...
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    Snail-Eating Fish?

    if you only see 2 in there get them out before they have babies and there babies have babies. tbh i dont see what the fuss is about with a few snails, in my mind there part of the system and help with the clean up. key to not getting over-populated is dont over feed and maybe add a few assasin...
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    Fish Photos

    tank shots if need be i can clean up the glass a bit, tanks only got a wk of growth on it and newly setup (mature filters) ember tetra apistogramma cacatuoides if needed ill try get a decent shot of a neon tetra, there fairly new in the tank tho so fast and flighty. Are you after copy...
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    Refusal Of The Overstocking Rule.

    The exact reason why i said dont rely on it and do the research aswell. I think aqa makes a good starting point for ppl to then move on and check the selected fish and compatabiltys with fish care sheets and google searches such as "keeping apistogramma cacatuoides with apistogramma macmasteri"...
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    Annoying Situation! Please Help!

    as said, no need for special substrate but in theory it does help with growth (just trying that on a new tank) This was my first planted, sand substrate and after the first month of dosing with liquid ferts i stopped, was fine ever since with weekly water changes. plants in there are java moss...
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    Help Quick!

    A platy mebee :fun: But seriously more info is needed my best guess would be some type of mollie
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    Refusal Of The Overstocking Rule.

    hope im ok to give this link No Not OK This site is pretty good for telling u the % of stock and % of filter use, having said that dont rely on it and always do the research as far as fish selection. When stocking u have to look at the health of the fish, when adding something new keep an eye on...
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    Had a similar problem myself which re-occurs every now and then, overfeeding is one cause. I used to be of the mindset that it was a bad thing now i think of them in similar terms as to a cleanup crew, they feed on left over food and decomposing plant matter, i added a few assasin snails to keep...
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    Fluval Osaka Tang Stocking Sugestions

    spent some time at the lfs with a good tang selection today and i think were set on paracyprichromis nigripinnis (blue neon), multies, synodontis lucipinnis and julidochromis regani kipili. My next question is on numbers, my intention isnt to fully stock the tank from the start but to stock in...
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    Fluval Osaka Tang Stocking Sugestions

    Thanks for the reply Sean When isnt it confusing trying to come up with an ideal stocklist that also has to keep the wife happy :lol: A concern i had with the julies is that they might not take full advantage of the large amount of rock i had planned, but there plus side was to add a bit of...
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    Fluval Osaka Tang Stocking Sugestions

    reading into the punk i see it is also a partial shell spawners which i guess could cause squabble's over shells, so its looking like paracyps, multies, lucipinnis and julie, am i right in thinking all these can be kept in multiples apart from the julies which should be a pair?