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    Is It Harmful

    So today I bought 3 spotted corys in I was watchIng them stuff them selfs. With the dirt at the bottom of my very dirty 10 gal as I watched them go to town I thought I saw one eat a piece of gravel is it bad
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    Ok so today when I went to feed my platys I saw one of them dead and a large hole in his belly but I think the hole is from the ghost shrimp but the day before I noticed something the same platy was fat/blooted so much that it's scales were sticking out like spikes and I noticed little brown...
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    55 Gal

    I just got a new 55 gal and I need stockin advice I was thinkin African rope fish but I need more
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    Whats Your Best Expierience With Fish

    my best fish expierience was when my friends dads pet shop was closing down i know its sad but he let me take 4 already set up tanks with fish in them 2 saltwater 2 freshwater for 10 bucks each but then my dad found out that he was closing so my dad decided to buy the petstore and hire my...
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    Color Change

    my male fancy guppy keeps changing colors his tail will be purple them turn yellow then white his lower body wil be blue then black then green his his head will be orange to yellow to red
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    Filter Troubles

    My filter is making a current a little to strong for my fish and I want to know to decrease current strength the filter is a aqueon and came with the ten gal delux kit
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    What Fish Is It

    whats your coolest fish u got mine are my bow fin and my northern pike
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    Filter Flow

    my filter flow is to strong and i was wondering how to weaken the flow
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    my female betta looks realy board and i was wondering if there was anything i can put in the tank to entertain her
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    need help making hiding places out of house hold items for my fish
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    New Betta

    i was walking in petco when i walked passed the betta cart and i saw her a female green and purple striped baby crown tail betta had very nice fins nice color for in a cup i shouldent be aloud to got back i always come back with somthing
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    Snail Infestation = $$$$

    to make pest snails into cash if u have pest snails get some mesh or nilon/neting put net on floor of tank with a peac of cucumber in the middle wait till snails are all over it take net out u got your snails then go to pet store and sell to them i made 100 dollars doin this in about 3 weeks to...
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    Betta In Community

    i got a ten gal community tank with 5 platys mayby 6 and 3 to 2 corydoras and i was wondering if it would be possible to add a female crown tail betta
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    Female Betta

    i was wondering if i could put a female betta in my 10 gal with 5 platies
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    New Platys

    just got back from petco with 5 new platys they are a female bummble bee platy a female rainbow platy a female redwag tail platy a male blue platy and a male dalmation platy
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    New Fish From Petco

    just got home from petco with a female blue rainbow platy a female bumble bee platy a female red wag tale platy a male blue platy and a male dalmation platy bummble bee is pregnante an rainbow is to
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    cant find good bogwood that i want at my lps
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    Looking For Small Cat For 10 Gall

    looking for small cat for 10 gal
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    Banjo Cats?

    i saw these cute little catfish titled as banjo cat fish iwant to know how big thaey get and if theyed be good for a 10 gal and if not what catfish would be good for ten gal