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  1. Laurelp

    African Dwarf frog protrusion

    My ADF is exhibiting quite the protrusion. Water perimeters are great, 20 g tank, 2 ADFs and about 12 female guppies. Any clue what this could be? It doesn’t look good ?
  2. Laurelp

    Gourami blister

    I moved my powder blue Gourami from his 60 gallon tank to the 20 gallon tank about a week ago because he was being really aggressive with the dwarf Gourami. He is now in a 20g tank with 3 African dwarf frogs, 6 male endlers, and 1 Dalmatian Molly. He developed this blister over night and it just...
  3. Laurelp

    Please help! My angel is not well:(

    We rescued this one from our local store. His fins were all beat up and was in a small tank and did not look cared for very well. We have had him for 2.5 months and he seemed to really be thriving- fins growing back, great behavior. We noticed before that his gills were not looking great and now...
  4. Laurelp

    Guppy bulge

    This guppy doesn’t even look that pregnant. Any thoughts on what is coming out of her here? Is it an egg sac?
  5. Laurelp

    Ich on gourami?

    I have a 60 gallon with 2 gourami (flame and powder blue), 4 angels, 6 white skirt tetras, 6 harlequins, and 3 corys. My flame gourami has had these same white spots for about 4 days- not getting better or worse. Just on the one side shown in pic. Is it ich?? TY! Laurel