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  1. Astronomiii


    dont forget KG Tropicals
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    wh-wheres KG Tropicals?
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    55 gal stocking ideas

    i was thinking since u have that beutiful wood, try making a river themed! Fine black sand, or fine river(light brown) sand, and stock with maybe gouramis or angels for your starpiece top dweller, and a rainbow shark for your bottom dweller, for schooling to go with ur starpiece, try african...
  4. Astronomiii

    How to get food distributed evenly?

    i mean, I have a seachem tidal 35, where the intake is at the top, so idk
  5. Astronomiii

    Gourami Fin Rot or Fin Nipping?

    give em away as a gift to someone else who has fish haha
  6. Astronomiii

    Gourami Fin Rot or Fin Nipping?

    Yikes, gonna need a little more info, but what is looks like, Gourami's will tend to be a little more aggressive if the temperature is raised a little higher than normal, or any fish, because with higher temperature, their metabolism rises also. This mainly looks like a hierarchy problem, fin...
  7. Astronomiii

    Fin rot

    Hey there, Looks like some fin rot, is it just a silver tip and guppy? Because an overstocked tank does lead to fin rot because of the bio cycle gets unbalanced, Secondly, I believe if nothing is wrong, your silver tip had a fungal diseases, and I say this because the disease had the spread...
  8. Astronomiii

    Huge red spot on angels head

    Yes, this can be a parasitic or fungal infection, what is actual happening is its itchy so he is trying to rub against the glass, we can try and trace how this was caused, this is usually when you add any new fish, plants or decorations with the infection, double check and recall if you added...
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    colin is just pro
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    Betts fish weird bump on fins and gold?

    Hey there again, This looks like a standard fin rot, which is caused by fungus which comes from unclean water, clear 50% of the water instantly, and change 10% daily, and put in aquarium salt in periodically and he should recover in a week or so fully, or enough for you to see improvement
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    What are these weird critters?

    i wonder, are they microscopic?
  12. Astronomiii

    Without Cookies, Am I just a monster?

    Without Cookies, Am I just a monster?
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    What is this ?

    should be able to cut, plants are regenerative
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    Need help with Chinese Algae Eater

    u def right there, however, jumping out will always be signs of stress
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    What are these weird critters?

    yes haha, they are pretty rare in freshwater tho
  16. Astronomiii

    What are these weird critters?

    think they can be copepods, or amphipods, they mostly appear in saltwater, and its pretty rare to see it in freshwater, consider the owner of this tank lucky!
  17. Astronomiii

    What are these weird critters?

    Hey there, Looks like you have Copepods or Amphipods. No need to panic! They are mainly harmless and even are a snack for fish, however the only thing you want to keep an eye out is if you have slower fish like Gouramis or Angels, your fish can get exhausted and die from trying to catch them...
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    What is this ?

    Hmmm, you can try getting a plant identifier app on your phone
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    Huge red spot on angels head

    He Hey there again, looks like your Angelfish has a red Abrasion, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do but put some salt in and hope your angel survives, change 50% of the water, even though angels die, there is a change that he will survive, without the eye