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    Betta Injured While Vacuuming

    So my betta got injured. See the attached pics. He's alone in a 6.5 gallon tank. I've kept fish and bettas for years and cured fin rot before but I can't cure this case. I'm at a loss and need advice. I got him in December 2020 and I assume he's around 9 to 12 months old now. He was happy and...
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    Betta clamped fins - don't know what else to do

    I'm not a new fishkeeper, but by no means an expert either. My betta, had her for 6 months, probably a year old, has had a mild fin rot for 2 months that I haven't been able to fully heal. Tried upping water changes, salt, antiobiotics, never fully healed. Now she has clamped fins (see pic). The...
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    Can Salt affect API ammonia test reading?

    Short question, can aquarium salt affect the reading of ammonia using the API liquid master test kit? Background: I have a guppy tank that is cycled, not overstocked or overfed, well maintained and regular water changes and the fish are doing very well but my ammonia readings for the tank are...
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    Fishless cycle completed - no fish - now a nitrIte spike?

    This question is in regards to nitrItes, not nitrAtes. Background: I fishless cycled my tank, using Ace Hardware Ammonia and it seemed to go pretty well and normal. Cycle completed today at noon. I kept the ammonia levels at 3ppm at all times, ammonia hit 0 on day 24, nitrIte showed up on day...
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    Fishless Cycle is stalled. Is this normal?

    My fishless cycle is stalled and I just need to know if this is normal or if I need to do something? I know patience is the hardest part of cycling a tank. I'm 3 weeks into fishless cycling this tank and since day 4 (17 days ago) the ammonia hasn't budged, while everything else has stayed...
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    Help- FishLESS Cycle - Ammonia keeps increasing

    I'm doing my first fishLESS cycle, using 10% janitorial ammonia from Ace Hardware. I'm on day 12 of my cycle and my Ammonia levels keep increasing but I'm not redosing the tank. Other levels, nitrIte (0), nitrAte (0) and PH (7.6) haven't changed since the cycle began but my Ammonia went from...