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  1. `Peter

    Replacing Filter Cartridge That's Falling Apart

    So here's the deal, established tank for over 13 months now and I have a Penguin Biowheel filter that can hold two cartridges. One of the cartridges is literally falling apart after washing and cleaning it after most water changes. I t really restricts my water flow with me running co2 on a...
  2. `Peter

    Mixing Substrate

    Have an established tank for about a year now and too many plants to name but here I go   Cardamine Lyrata Valisneria (Jungle and Italian) Tiger Lotus Banana Plant Anarchis Hornwort Argentenian Sword Broad Leaf Ludwigia Some Dwarf Hairgrass Java Moss   I've kept all these plants successfully for...
  3. `Peter

    Regulator And Fe?

    What is the cheapest regulator preferably under $50 I can find for a pressurized CO2 FE unit? Does it fit most extinguishers? I'm aware of the risks of using pressurized co2 I'm wondering what my best options are. I live in the U.S are there any I can find on Amazon or even hardware stores like...
  4. `Peter


    Pearling on amazon swords was pretty excited. Installed 48W T5 fixture days prior. Check it out and feel free to see the rest of my vids as well.
  5. `Peter

    T8S To T5S

    Well I've had my 15W T8 single bulb over my 25G for about 5 years now but I've recently started to get a more planted aquarium and I know that a single 15W T8 won't cut it on a 25G. I recently ordered a AquaticLife T5 HO Dual Lamp Light Fixture for a 24" long tank. Tank dimensions are 24x12x18...
  6. `Peter

    Best Diy Co2 Recipe

    Hey everyone recently reinstalled my CO2 system after about a year. Tank has been cycled for over 2 months now with fish and my plants are all doing pretty well. I use Leaf Zone once a week for its trace iron and have Flourish tabs in the gravel. I use the Hagen ladder CO2 system with the...
  7. `Peter

    Tips On Wisteria Prunning?

    Any Tips? Should I just cut the leaves off the top or snip the stem from the bottom (would this stimulate growth or do more harm?) First time keeping Wisteria and it has melted the past 2 weeks but is now growing healthy green leaves. Dosing Iron weekly and tank has Flourish tabs in the gravel.
  8. `Peter

    Little Problem

    Have a group of 6 tiger barbs in a 24G and I've tried to introduce a BN Pleco last week and found it dead the next day. I saw my barbs chasing it relentlessly when they saw it and I guess it just got stressed out. All my water parameters are fine btw 0 0 0. I bought a relatively small pleco...
  9. `Peter

    Flourite Or Ecocomplete

    Already have a well planted 24G with black gravel and want to add either one of these. A bag of Flourite disperse the gravel amongst my existing gravel or Is one better than the other in the slighest whether it provides more...
  10. `Peter

    Any Suggestions On Stock

    Current stock in my signature. Looking to add a Bristlenose Pleco and something else. Rather not a school of fish but an individual fish that would do well in my tank with no problems. Had to give back a school of cardinal tetras because my barbs almost chased them to death, was pretty...
  11. `Peter

    Laterite Vs Flourite

    Whats the difference in each? Which one would be better to combine with gravel in a planted tank thats been cycled for about a month now. Can I still add this now even though I have fish after I rinse it?
  12. `Peter

    Red Clay

    Hi I've been thinking about adding red clay to my planted tank into my black substrate so the plants receive more iron directly from the substrate instead of liquid fertilizers. Currently I only have black gravel substrate, no dirt or anything else. My plants are all growing very well (swords...
  13. `Peter

    New Fish!

    So I went to Petsmart today looking to keep stocking my tank after fishless cycling. There was already 5 tiger barbs and 1 honey gourami in the tank prior so I went to check some new fish out. I have been eying a german blue ram ever since petsmart started stocking them couple weeks ago for...
  14. `Peter

    Done Cycling & Stock

    So after roughly 5 weeks I'm done with my fishless cycle :D Did my 90% water change and readings are 0 0 and low nitrates. Added 5 tiger barbs today and will be adding the rest of the stock slowly over the next week. Tell me what you guys think of it. 24G/90L pH: 7.6 Temp: 77/78...
  15. `Peter

    7Th Week Of Fishless Cycle

    So my ammonia has finally been able to drop to 0 in 12 hours from 3ppm. Problem is now my nitrites are sky high again at about 5ppm which I did not expect. My nitrates are at 30ppm which is expected towards the end of the cycle before I do my 90% water change. What could be the cause of the...
  16. `Peter

    Would This Be A Problem?

    So my tank is almost done cycling and I'm considering stocking slowly with some honey gouramis first. I've kept individual honeys before but I have a question. Would 3 males in a 24G/90L tank be much of a problem? 4? Honey gouramis are generally peaceful and I am aware of the 2 female to 1 male...
  17. `Peter

    High Ammonia Levels In Late Stages Of Cycling

    Hi everyone so it is about week 5 in my fishless cycle and I ran into some trouble recently. I did everything correctly the first few weeks: Dosed about 4ppm of ammonia until I saw nitrites shoot up and then I decreased dosage to 3ppm until they came down to 0 which they currently are. Problem...
  18. `Peter

    Cycle Problem Help D:

    Hey folks I have been fishless cycling for about 3 weeks now with ammonia. Had a little jumpstart with a little filter media and some gravel. Last week the nitrites finally dropped to 0 after being high for a couple of days and I now have nitrates. Problem is my ammonia would not drop quick...
  19. `Peter

    Week 3 Of Fishless Cycle

    Hey folks so its week 3 and this morning my nitrites have finally hit 0ppm but my ammonia has increased from the average 0.25ppm its been to 1ppm. Is this normal? How should I go about doing this now, should I do a water change at this stage or should I now decrease the amount of ammonia I put...
  20. `Peter

    Ways Of Adding Tap Water

    Hi everyone just wondering on your opinions of adding and treating tap water that goes in your tank. What I do is use a water gallon jug to fill with tap water and then I dose it with Top Fin Water Dechlorinator before adding it to the tank, gallon by gallon. At the moment I'm kind of paranoid...