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  1. helterskelter

    Cryptocorine affinis, Vallis and Giant vallis for sale

    I have quite a few if anyone is intrested. The crypto's ive been growing since 1992. I'm in Dorset or happy to post.
  2. helterskelter

    Not Your Usual Female Guppy!

    Here is a line of long finned guppies I've been working on for a while.
  3. helterskelter

    Association Of Aquarists Autumn Auction Sunday 10Th November 2013

    Association of Aquarists Autumn Auction Sunday 10th November 2013 Kempshott Village Hall, Basingstoke, Hampshire. RG22 5HN To Bid you will require being a Association of Aquarists which is £10 a year or get a day membership of £1.50. To pre-enter lots, please complete the booking-in form and...
  4. helterskelter

    British Livebearer Association Convention And Guppy Show

    Anyone going. I'm there Sunday, 7 hour round trip and well worth it.   10-13th October 2013 Best Western Naseby Hotel Sheep Street Kettering Northants NN16 0AN  
  5. helterskelter

    True Endlers Collected This Year At Cumana

    Just ordered these beauties of TRUE endlers collected from the wild just this year and the only naturally occurring metallic morph. I cant wait for them to be shipped into the UK   Collection data: City, south of Cumana,  in a channel GPS-10,25,33...
  6. helterskelter

    Fishkeeping Auction With Cichlids In Basingstoke Uk

    Tomorrow Sunday 24th march will be a fish auction with the following livebearers for sale   There is already a link in the club section but this is so the hobbiests here that miss these events can see what going on http://www.fishforum...on-basingstoke/   Some cichlids at the auction...
  7. helterskelter

    Fish Auction In The Uk, Basingstoke

    Tomorrow Sunday 24th march will be a fish auction with the following livebearers for sale   There is already a link in the club section but this is so the hobbiests here that miss these events can see what going on...
  8. helterskelter

    Pin Tail Guppy

    One of my pin tail guppies.
  9. helterskelter

    Association Of Aquarists Spring Auction - Basingstoke

    It's only 3 weeks till the Association of Aquarists host their spring auction at Kempshott village hall in Basingstoke, Hampshire, Sunday 24th March 2013. There is usually for sale many rare and unusual species of fish, including: Livebearer's, catfish, pleco's, cichlids, killifish...
  10. helterskelter

    New Fish Room On It's Way

    Hi peeps. Just thought I'll let you know that I started a new fish room today. should be housing some very rare livebearers
  11. helterskelter

    Dumbo Betta

    Look at these betta's. PK "dumbo" £60 in goldfish bowl Oxford.
  12. helterskelter

    Basingstoke Winter Auction This Sunday

    The Association of Aquarists are holding their winter auction this sunday the 6th Nov 2011. Held at: Kempshott Village Hall Basingstoke, RG22 5HN 325686 Hall open from 10am Late Booking from 10.30am until 12 noon Auction starts 1pm Auction Guide Some...
  13. helterskelter

    Full Red Albino Guppy Delta Tail And Feather Fin's

    Livestock: Red Albino Guppy Delta Quantity for sale: 1 pair Reason for Sale: Unwanted Delivery or Collection: Both Sales price: £10 Postage & Packaging: yes £9.50 upto 2 pairs Location: Blandford Dorset Photograph: below I have 1 pair of full Red Albino Guppy Delta guppies for sale...
  14. helterskelter

    Guppy Show At Basingstoke Uk

    Hi Guy's I'm off the the SCCRS open show and guppy show today. more info at I'll post photo's later but if your local well worth haveing a look around.
  15. helterskelter

    Orange Spot Bn

    have a look here? is this an adult Orange spot BN?
  16. helterskelter

    Association Of Aquarists Fish And Dry Goods Auction

    The Association of Aquarists will be hosting the largest auction in the South of fish and any other items to do with the aquatic hobby. Sunday 22nd May 2011 Auction Schedule download Kempshott Village Hall, Basingstoke, RG22 5HN What will be on sale: Live fish Pond plants Aquatic plants...
  17. helterskelter

    Some Of My Fish

    Just though I'll post some of my fish for once as it very rarely do.
  18. helterskelter

    Mozilla Thunderbird.

    Any one got any idea's whats going on? On my download list it states their are 25 email's being downloaded. However once downloaded, I only have 5-10 in my mail box. I regularly check my spam box for stray's before deleteing them, but there's nothing! just very puzzled, as couple people said...
  19. helterskelter

    Uk National Guppy Show's

    Ok I've posted a list of dates and locations for the this years national guppy show. These are usually hosted along side other fish show's. So if you have never attended a show this would make a great day out. The full list is at UK Dates for 2011...
  20. helterskelter

    Uk National Guppy Show's

    UK national Guppy Show's Ok I know some dates are to late. However this year the British Livebearer Association's Guppy league is running across the country. Anyone is welcome to enter a guppy into the show to see how well your fish can compete against some of the best fish in the world. The...