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  1. pica_nuttalli

    Frogfish Gibberish

    I'm tired of searching for the word "frogfish" every time I get the saltwater bug, so I'm gonna start my own thread. Please post your own contributions too! Right, so to start this off: Pictures of Baby Frogfish Also, this is what Andywg has to say about starting a frogfish tank: Ha...
  2. pica_nuttalli

    Birthday Wishes Sub-forum?

    Given the recent surge in Birthday Wishes thread in Announcements, it might be prudent to create a sub-forum for them. Not necessarily because they're crowding out more administratively-minded threads, but just for the sake of organization. (Can you tell that I keep my possessions in neatly...
  3. pica_nuttalli

    Feeder Shrimp Wanted -- California

    I'm just dreaming about swapping to a tank full of SAPs, but while I'm dreaming let me ask about live foods. Anyone know of an inexpensive place to buy live feeder shrimp in bulk? I have it in my head that if I swapped back to puffers, it might be a good idea to just buy a bagful every few...
  4. pica_nuttalli

    This Is My Favorite Kind Of Science

    Scientists try to let the blind `see' fish I bet that most of us would enjoy the experience too! Yet another reason I want to go back to the Tennessee Aquarium one day.
  5. pica_nuttalli

    Crafting The Perfect Desert Goby Tank

    hello again! all this recent forum activity of mine has given me the fish bug again and I'm already dreaming up my next tank for when I move to New York... in four years :lol: I think I want a 20g long with DESERT GOBIES. :drool: I'm thinking pool filter sand, holey limestone, tiger nerites...
  6. pica_nuttalli

    L66 Do Not Ship Well.

    Bought 3 more L66 from Lotsoffish on Aquabid--figured it was a safe choice seeing as how the guy has a great reputation as a seller. Everything arrived on time with great packing. 2 DOAs. :shout: I give up! I'm not buying any more of these unless I can *walk* them home. (Btw, the...
  7. pica_nuttalli

    I Think This Topic Was Moved To The Wrong Place
  8. pica_nuttalli

    Curry Recipes

    ok, i've struck a deal with a co-worker where i cook him food and he drives me around periodically (i don't own a car anymore) anyways, he's requested that i cook a curry dish of some sort. i'm having trouble finding a recipe that: is vegetarian makes 6-8 servings is a meal all by itself...
  9. pica_nuttalli

    L66 *and* L260?

    Some of you may already know the saga, but I need to decide in the next couple of days on this issue... Would it be an ok breeding practice to keep a group of L66 in the same tank as a group of L260s? Or is there too much of a risk of hybridization/misidentified fry?
  10. pica_nuttalli

    So... L66 Or L260?

    Ok, I've come into a bit of free cash and I've got the fish bug, so I'm pretty certain that I'm going to get a set of plecs come November. The question then just becomes: L66 or L260? I think I can get the 66 a bit cheaper, but I also think that the 260s might show up better in my tank (very...
  11. pica_nuttalli

    Pitching A Fit

    I CAN'T FIND MORE RED HEAD TAPAJOS ANYWHERE!!! >.< this makes me sad. that is all.
  12. pica_nuttalli

    Pretty Pond Picture

    This is actually a picture taken by a friend of mine, but it's just so wonderful that I thought I'd share it with you guys. I've asked for a higher res version of it (if possible) and I'll post that too if I get it. I saved this as the background for my work computer the instant I saw it. :lol:
  13. pica_nuttalli

    I Wish You Could...

    ...train kitty-cats to give massages on command. :lol: Mine kneaded my back as a wake-up call this morning and it was lovely. :P
  14. pica_nuttalli

    Pictures Of Your Bettas Don't Go In This Forum

    All topics posted just to show off your pretty fish belong in the Member's Aquariums and Fish Pictures forum. Please use that forum for posting and viewing picture threads in the future. However, topics which only use pictures to help illustrate a particular question or problem should...
  15. pica_nuttalli

    I Hate You All!

    *edit: :lol: Sorry for using a trollish heading. I waited 10 days and two pages without response, but I'd like to get this decision made before Christmas!* So I got some great news last week: my test kit is not wonky and I *do* in fact have fairly soft water. Yay! (Meaning I was sold pH-7...
  16. pica_nuttalli

    Clean And Lock Pinned Topic Fella's pinned topic on Dwarf Puffers is in desperate need of a clean-up and (I think) it should be locked. Most of the responses don't contribute any useful information or are completely off-topic. Fella's created a very comprehensive and...
  17. pica_nuttalli

    I've Got Fry!

    well, it looks like the Rio Chuloteca convicts are just as easily spawned as the bog-standard ones. i've been pretty depressed by my tanks ever since the disaster when i moved, so i freely confess to slacking off about maintenance. but just as i was going to start siphoning today, guess what i...
  18. pica_nuttalli

    A Head's Up For U. S. "zebra" Fans This guy's got up to 6 L173s for $35 each. If I had the money, I'd gamble on one or two just to see how they grow. These shouldn't be authentic Zebras, but if they are 173s...
  19. pica_nuttalli

    Just Installed My New Duetto 100

    it's in my 5g planted. this little filter is potent. it's also got a nice slim profile, so it looks good too. :) just wanted to brag to someone who gives a crap :lol: <3 i love my new filter <3 (here's hoping it stays nice in the long run!)
  20. pica_nuttalli

    Tiny Tank Topic

    i'm interested in trying out a 5g brackish hex tank and am curious about what sort of hardy fish would be an option? most specifically, i'm interested in a pair of desert gobies at the moment, but i'm open to other suggestions as well--provided that they aren't bumblebee gobies. :P --edit--...