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    Tankmates For A South American Puffer?

    i kept mine with neon tetras and khuli loches... he was never aggresive. sadly his teeth grew too big and i was unable to cut them... it only took about 6months to affect how he ate.... i know its a bit off topic but the teeth are something to watch if u get one....
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    How often should I vacuum??

    fish load has alot to do with it.... if your stocking levels are still the same as in your sig you can go 3-4 weeks IMO. also you have to remember... even tho the filter picks it up dosnt mean its not in your tank....
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    Python No Spill Clean And Fill

    tank water is still relativly cold compaired to how warm the hot water comes out of the tap. so if you think about how much hot water you haveto use compaired to cold youll see that you barely use water from your water heater..... so if there is any sedament or hevy metals, there verry diluted...
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    Betta containers.

    also, a heater for a 10 gallon tank (25watt i think) can be dialed in to your tank.. ive done this in a 1g a few times while i was out of town.....
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    Betta containers.

    no need for an air pump... bettas breath from the surface... infact an air pump can cause too much current in a small bowl...
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    the method you are planing on using for the sand is fine... as long as you don't have any fish in the tank.... i hung a standard hose out the window and used it to siphon water out while the python was pumping in.... made things allot ezer.. i also did this with fish in the tank and still have...
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    Betta containers.

    i have found that one thats round makes it harder to net your betta... a flat pane og tank gives you a place to corner him and net. but IMO anything that holds water(1gallon and up), is not toxic to thefish and is preferably clear, so you can see him, works just fine..... some people may need a...
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    betta breeding question

    these fish are amazing! one minut there teritorial and the next there floating gracfuly under there buble nest. im glad i finaly got the only 2 compatable bettas i have to spawn! one other question... is it too late to add salt? it sliped my mind when i was seting the tank up and from all ive...
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    betta breeding question

    i will keep posting.... im also trying for some PICs but im bad with the camera.. thanks for the quick reply sorrell! :)
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    betta breeding question

    i saw 1 egg fall! EDIT: lots now ... never mind! :*) i was just worried and teh comp was with me next to the tank..... now lets hope the fry make it!! :thumbs:
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    betta breeding question

    how many times should the fish "embrace" before you get eggs? should you see them the first time? this is my 3rd attempt at a spawn and am just now getting the male (hows still young and inexperienced) to embrace the female... the female is fat with eggs and both have been conditioned for 2...
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    that is an amazing 55! its giveing me some ideas to use on mine... i think i need more plants!! :D :thumbs: :thumbs: 4 thumbs up on that tank! can you list the hardware you use for the plants? i wold like to compair and see where im at....
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    Python No Spill Clean And Fill

    thats what I'm saying... i get the temp right before changing any water... it uses a bit more hot water but i have a huge hot water heater.... if your worried about sediment harming your water, you can use the drain valve to blow most of it out, also most water conditioners detoxify heavy metals...
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    Sand in 4ft aquarium?? or gravel??

    i use sand w/o florite and i have no problems keeping plnats alive... its about the lighting more than anything... im just asumeing your problem was just that.... any way go with sand... its alot ezer to clean and more fish require/prefer sand than ones who prefer gravel.... EDIT: get black...
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    DIY power compact

    the people who give up are always teh best ;) ! the most expensive part of these fixtures is the bulbs... 65 watt bulbs are $25 each localy and a bit less online.....
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    pvc pipe filtration

    tell them to wipe next time :P ....
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    Looking for that crystal Clear

    i had this happen to one of my 55s. it took about 1 1/2-2 weeks to clear..... i was told to airate the watter while this was happening so the fish wold forshure have oxegen since the bacteria uses alot of O2.... i also did 10-20% waterchanges dayly trying to get as much gunk off the sand as...
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    my shrimpys :)

    GO AMANO SHRIP!! i love my amanos! there verry good at keeping the buildup down in my tank.. how many do you got? i started with 12 and never saw the little guys so i bought 15 more... now i see them every where!
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    55g planted tank shots

    Aponogeton Ulvaceous. ive had that in there for 3 months... when i got it it was about half as tall and a bit sickly looking.... now it sends out a new flower once a week! i love that plant and im trying to get some seeds off it... the only problem with this plant is that is leaves collect fish...
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    55g planted tank shots thats when i first got the tank... you can see the growh in the banana plants and the grass in the middle... ive move things around since and like how its starting to look.. i think im gonna remove teh amazonian sword on the left, remove...