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  1. pica_nuttalli

    Figure 8 Puffer

    what size is this wall tank? any fish needs enough space to turn around comfortably, so if the tank is only 4" wide, then you can't have any fish bigger than 2".
  2. pica_nuttalli

    Angel X Blue Ram

    pic doesn't work. and i agree that there is no way you actually have a ramxangel hybrid.
  3. pica_nuttalli

    Questions With A Twist

    nmonks has mentioned modifying a mini-fridge for use as a chiller. something about drilling holes into the sides and coiling up pipes. might be a decent DIY option.
  4. pica_nuttalli

    Guppy Photo Compotition

    I think the confusion lies with saying "there's no POTM competition" when POTM stands for Pet of the Month here. :P
  5. pica_nuttalli


    You probably have "dud information". Kribs can be territorial little sods and can really bully other bottom-dwellers. Cories would be particularly vulnerable as they aren't very fast. What size tank is it anyways? 5 kribs is a lot.
  6. pica_nuttalli

    Glo-fish Breeding

    No, but they do fluoresce (glow) under ultraviolet light (blacklight). In normal light, they're just really brightly colored.
  7. pica_nuttalli

    Potamotrygon Reticulatus - Tank Mates?

    I've never kept rays, but I know that TIKARMANN (wherever he went) used to keep datnoids and uarus with his rays, but he had a huge tank. The panda uarus were gorgeous. I bet you could keep a chocolate cichlid in there.
  8. pica_nuttalli

    Where Can You Buy Puffer Fish From

    GSP get to be about 6" (if i remember correctly) and are fairly territorial, so you'd need at least a 55g for two of them. With a 20g tank, you could have 3-4 South American Puffers or 4-5 Dwarf Puffers. Both need tons of decor and plants (although for different reasons). Good news is that...
  9. pica_nuttalli

    Bio Spira

    Since the point of refrigerating the bacteria is to slow its metabolism and prolong the length of time it can live without fresh food or oxygen, I'm sure that there is a shelf life for this product--and that it is considerably less than 3 years. You also can't discount the idea that it might be...
  10. pica_nuttalli

    Fish That Will Get Along With African Cichlids

    What you should know is that there are TONS of African cichlids, most of whom are way way too big for a 10g tank. The Rift Lake cichlids (which is what I bet you're thinking of) also need to be kept in large groups for the most part so that they don't bully each other to death. There are some...
  11. pica_nuttalli

    Fresh Water Puffer Fish

    Well, actually, that's just dwarf puffers ;) Even the other carinotetradon species need 10g per puffer. Then next smallest are Colomesus asellus and those ought to go in a 20g or larger. After them, you have the tetradons and those all belong in 30g+ tanks. In short: the vast majority of...
  12. pica_nuttalli

    Puffers And Brackish Aquariums

    dwarfpuffers dot com but i didn't tell you that. :shifty: also, there's an excellent pinned thread on keeping dwarf puffers at the top of this forum
  13. pica_nuttalli

    Sharks With Chiclids

    maybe. what size is your tank?
  14. pica_nuttalli

    Tropical Fish Keeping

    I'd definitely do "A History of Goldfish" explaining where they come from, how big they get, why they die so fast in bowls, that all the types are the same species, etc. Goldfish are easily the most familiar to the general populace, but people know so little about them!
  15. pica_nuttalli

    Aggressive Stocking For A 55gal

    then exodons are great if he wants something lively; piscavorous puffer if he wants a solitary lurker. convicts and other cichlids will just slowly beat things to death. you might want to get this moved to Predatory Fish before you start getting flames (although most of those people frown on...
  16. pica_nuttalli

    Neon Tetras - In Then Out !

    whoa there, buddy: 5 pair of angels in a 60g? that's a little ambitious to say the least. i'd put 1 pair, maybe two at a stretch. if you're dead set on little blue-red tetras and angels, then why not try a school of 20-30 cardinals in your new tank? they're a smidgen larger than neons and...
  17. pica_nuttalli

    Frogfish Gibberish

    also: if a frogfish and a mantis shrimp got in a fight, who would win? would a small frogfish eat whatever little critters it found on some live rock? things like bristleworms and nudibranches? how about hermit crabs? (is there anything that eats nudibranches? those things sound scary.)
  18. pica_nuttalli

    Frogfish Gibberish

    what do frogfish like to eat? (besides tankmates)
  19. pica_nuttalli

    Red Head Pics

    man, that makes me jealous :drool: