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    Hi from Liverpool

    Welcome from Germany. Nice tank indeed. Also a nice name for your betta fish ... Jurgen / Jürgen ... I wonder after whom you named him ⚽:good:;)
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    Newbie eager to learn

    Greetings and welcome. A picture of the tank would be great.
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    Welcome to this forum :) Your studies sound very interesting. I wish you much success :good:
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    New-ish fishkeeper

    A wholehearted welcome to this forum. Glad to read that you decided to return to this fascinating hobby. I bet there is no issue that can't be solved with the combined expertise of this community. Make use of it! :) Cheers, Mario
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    Hey Dave, Welcome to the forum from a newbee to a newbee :) My fishkeeping history is similar to yours ... let's shake hands :friends: Cheers, Mario
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    Hello around the world

    I understood everything :good: Thanks & take care!
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    Hello around the world

    Greetings Everyone! Having read along here for a while, I arrived at the conclusion that this is exactly the kind of tropical fish forum I was looking for: friendly, helpful, international with many knowledgeable people around. So here I am :). I‘m not too experienced, so I hope with your help...