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  1. maz53

    High Nitrate levels

    First fish are looking great, they are healthy, by all accounts. No illness or fatalities so far. They swim around happily. I have been running this tank for 2yrs, and recently bought a N03 test kit. I have a 120litre Juwel The results are that Nitrates are 100mg/l no matter what I do ...
  2. maz53

    keeping the common pleco in a smaller tank

    Hi to all pleco enthusiasts I have had a common Pleco in my 120litre or 31gallon tank for 6yrs already. I bought him as a baby, and believed the bad advice from the shop owner, that he will suit my tank size. My pleco has not grown to the size that I have read bout in most common information...
  3. maz53

    Bloated Female Pearl Gourami filled with fluid

    My female pearl gourami had been bloated for several weeks, eventually she looked like a bobbing balloon. I tried all the advice I read about on the forums and further internet searching, but noting helped. Unfortunately she died ... I decided to have a look inside her balloon belly, to see what...