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    Apisto Cacatoudies Fry

    I've not had mine for very long. On Friday last week I was greeted with 2 females having spawned. removed one set of eggs to a seperate tank. These went fungal. Today I woke up and found Mama outside her Cave with 10-15 babies. She has gone back in there while I was out. I know if any...
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    Tank Design.

    Setting up my Betta fish tank tommorow or tuesday and was looking for "enhancement" options. The "tank" is on the small side coming in at 3.6 gallons (US)/14 litres including air, filter and heater "space". (although could open top it for the air space.) and it is 25cm2 for dimensions with a...
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    Cycling Dilemna

    This is a fun one. I am cycling a small tank (14l) Anyway in a bit of a cycle - water evaporates - top it off with dechlorinated water (adding ammonia as it is in the water and so is chloramine) anyway lid is on and it is still evaporating off quickly. So in a position with tank cycling both...
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    Meet The Wheeking Crew

    Ok here are the wheeking crew Present and Past. Due to certain issues with Guinea Pigs in the UK in general these were taken on my desk chair rather than moved or given a fabric back as I usually do Firstly, we have Flame. He is the oldest at 3 and a half, his birthday is in June, and his...
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    Baseline (Tap) Water Readings

    How often should you do them? I have just redone mine after 3 months. And in a couple of cases there are massive changes.
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    Starting To Think About Stocking

    My water is atypical in that although it is very soft (KH of 1 or 2 out the tap, GH 3 or 4 colour is so feint it is hard to tell), it is also slightly acidic pH is 7.4 (except when ammonia has just been added) using the API high range test kit. It also stays at 7.4 constantly. It is 95...
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    Phocoena's Cycle Log

    Tank is 95 litres. Starting again following filter failure and wacky results (decreasing Nitrates) --------Ammonia---Nitrite---Nitrate--Additions Day 1----0.6-------0.3 -------0------2.5ml Prime, 5ml Ammonia Day 2----4.9-------0.3--------0 Day 3----4.9-------0.3--------5 Day...
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    Hello All

    I am new here, and I am semi-new to fish keeping (parents had tropicals - including both angelfish and neon tetras - and I had goldfish when younger) I live in Edinburgh. My new tank is 95 litres. And currently completely empty (gravel washing issues)
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    Nutrafin Aqua Plus

    I am currently setting up my tank (not even any gravel in at the moment), and I have a small bottle of nutrafin Aqua Plus that came with the tank. However there are no instructions with it. Can anyone tell me the dosing instructions please.