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  1. FloridaChick

    More Help? 🙂 Last inquiry morphed into "whose eggs"?

    I started with a post and @Sgooosh @Slaphppy7 have been awesome but it has changed topics from mysterious snails appearing to whose eggs. Thanks to the help and insight on this forum, I think these may be unfertilized betta eggs since I have only females in the 2 tanks with these "eggs". Maybe...
  2. FloridaChick

    2 Shells randomly appeared in my freshwater tank!

    I haven't added anything but regrettably some duckweed to my tank in months and removed my Gold Mystery Snails even more months ago. One shell just appeared then days later another. Anyone else have this odd phenomenon and any idea how or why?
  3. FloridaChick

    Is there a way to buy fish and not support the cruel industry?

    Everyone on this site really seems to care about fish and how they need lots of space. My visit to Petsmart to pick up Squirrel food and water conditionser left me disgusted. They don't even care to take them out when they arrive. I know, all petstores do this but they usually throw the box into...
  4. FloridaChick

    Novice question. Don't judge me ?

    I am in love with Dumbo Bettas and I am wondering if the dark looking pouch means I am overfeeding the off-white babies I recently bought. Also, I just started feeding them frozen food in the morning.
  5. FloridaChick

    Need opinions on Filter Change please

    So I wanted a hob filter since I only have a 10 gallon tank and my Tetra filter is taking up so much room. I ordered an AquaClear for up to 20 gallons but honestly this internal filter has been great, my bettas love resting on it and I love the waterfall sound. Do you think I should switch???
  6. FloridaChick

    My new Salt & Pepper Corys arrived!

    Yay! Super surprised how cute these are! So curious with big eyes and so much fun to watch. I got 7 from a real jerk on eBay who said he couldn't send them out because he was sick and then got nasty and ghosted me. I spent hours trying to get my $80 (I know, thats alot, insane) but he wasn't...
  7. FloridaChick

    Feeding Gold Mystery Snails Help

    First, I really don't know what I am doing. I let a clutch hatch about 4 months ago and its not going well. I use a sponge filter and coral substrate. Been feeding them algae wafers, string beans and occasionally broccoli with floating cuttlebone. Their shells don't look too good. I am reading...
  8. FloridaChick

    Butterfly Betta looking rough ?

    I have been so busy making sure my larger tank fish are healthy with their new sand and baby bettas althat I didn't notice my Male Betta looking awful? I gave him a bath in methylene blue last night and this morning but am nervous so I put him in another tank with the methylene blue in it and a...
  9. FloridaChick

    Mystery Snail Problem Help!

    What do you do when you suddenly have 45 Gold Mystery Snails? Thankfully I only let one clutch of eggs hatch but as cool as they are, they are dirty! Not worth selling, does anyone know if they could survive in a canal or lake? I live in South Florida so it doesn't get too cold.
  10. FloridaChick

    Karen from Fort Lauderdale Florida

    I'm fairly new to fish. Got freshwater aquariums and slowly added to them. I have a male betta I "rescued" fromPetsmart, 3 small kuhli Loaches and a few mystery snails in a 4 gallon tank and ummm (don't judge me ?) a 10 gallon tank with 6 female bettas (they get along fine), 5 tetras, 3 kuhli...