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  1. Naughts

    Injured oto

    I can only think it got trapped somewhere. The base of the caudal fin is missing, the top is bright red. No aggressive tank mates. Current temperature 82, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 5-10, ph 8, GH 140ppm, KH 180.
  2. Naughts

    Praecox rainbow ill

    Tank 180 litre, low tech planted. Weekly water change (50-70%), substrate and filter clean. API water conditioner, seachem substrate tabs, Nitrozorb. Ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrates 20 before water change. PH 8.3, KH 10dH, GH 8dH, Temp 74. Praecox rainbow is constantly moving mouth and has...
  3. Naughts

    Stowaway pencilfish

    I bought some fish today and found this pencilfish had snuck into the bag. I doubt I can provide for it (I guess it needs friends) but can anyone tell me it’s requirememts. Sorry for the photo, it is really small.
  4. Naughts

    Trimming java moss

    When I trim Java moss should I throw the cuttings away or can it be put back in the tank? I'm thinking they don't have roots so will rot but I'm not sure. Thank you for any advice.
  5. Naughts

    Established filter media

    I moved filter media over from another tank to add to new sponges in a new tank. Do I need to wait 6 weeks to clean the filter or can I rinse it all out every week? Thanks for any advice.
  6. Naughts

    Bully barbs

    I have a 125 litre tank with ten tiger barbs and nine false Julii corydoras which have been together for 6 or 7 weeks. The corys have a bit of fin damage and are possibly a bit more sedentary lately. Yesterday I saw a tiger nip a Cory and today I saw 2 tigers chasing and nipping a Cory. This is...
  7. Naughts

    Hydra in RCS tank

    I just realised the weird white palm tree things on the glass, rocks and plants are hydra. And I guess they're feeding on the shrimp larvae? :blink: It seems that methods of eradicating the hydra will also kill the shrimp larvae and some could kill the shrimp too. :( Or will be ineffective (eg...
  8. Naughts

    Nitrates problem

    Hi all, I struggle to keep nitrates down, My tap water has 23ppm. Colin advocates conditioning water with floating plants before water changes. Another member mentioned they bought a wheelie bin for water storage. So I'm thinking about buying a 60 litre storage crate on wheels and some floating...
  9. Naughts

    Lump on neon tetras stomach

    Can anyone tell me what this lump is and what to do to help please?
  10. Naughts

    Soaking driftwood

    I have a new piece of driftwood which is too big/ irregular to fit in a bucket. The shop said soak for two weeks to reduce tannins. I thought maybe put in tank with carbon. Does anyone have any other ideas please?
  11. Naughts

    Will this community work?

    Please can you let me know if you think this community tank would work? 125 litre tank. pH 8.0, GH 139ppm, KH 40 ppm. I would like to stock with: 8 tiger barbs 8 neon tetra 8 cherry barbs 10 Pygmy corydoras. I am also interested in golden barbs, rosy barbs, rummy nose tetra and khuli loach. I...
  12. Naughts

    Is my water hard?

    My tank has a PH of 8.0, a KH of 40, and a GH of 120. Does this translate to hard alkaline water?