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  1. josh63762

    Finally Got A Good Pic Pls Help!

    hay guys my female shrimp recently just had babies ( she is the one on the right) I wanted to make a breeding tank with her and a male so I put her in with the shrimp on the right is it a Male? it is a lot skinner then her and longer. could u also try tell me the spices she had green eggs and...
  2. josh63762

    Planaria Tank Infection Pls Help!

    hay all, I just recently put my berries female ghost shrimp in a 10 gal to deposit her eggs there was no feeding or filtration during the week. the baby shrimp hatched 2 days ago and there's about 30 of them. but the tank is filled with what I think is tiny planaria they are very small and they...
  3. josh63762

    Help With Breeding Please!

    hay guys, i have been waiting fpr about 5 weeks for my gouramis to start breeding and today i noticed the male chasing the females around the tank aggresivly and he has gone dark blue and he has started to build the bubble nest:-) my question is..... my 2 females in the tank with him are...
  4. josh63762

    Building A Double Stand For My Tanks :-)

    hay guys, i m going to build a new stand for my comunity tank and gourami breeding tank... right now the tanks are on a table with a shelf at the bottom. so i thought i would show you the prosess and you can see how it progresses... :-)
  5. josh63762

    Srimp Id Please Help!

    Hi guys could you please id this shrimp i cant find any! Shrimp that looks like this please help! Thanks
  6. josh63762

    Total Tank Strip Down....

    hay guys im going to strip everything out my tank and redo it here is what it looks like currently what do you think i should do to it?
  7. josh63762

    Gouramis Not Breeding :(

    hay all about 2 weeks ago i got 3 blue gouramis 2 female and 1 male. the male is 8 cm and the females are about 7cm. they are in a 70 L with great filtration not alot of water movement. i have been conditioning them on bloodworm but nothing no bubble nest or anything :( the one female seems to...
  8. josh63762

    Breeding Opaline Gouramis Please Help

    hay guys so I took back my other male and got 2 smaller (what I think to be females they are just about 6.5 cm) I had my doubts about the one being a female but now I see the male is getting a darker blue and the one female is becoming very Fat! my problem with this is that its only been 3 days...
  9. josh63762

    Emergency Sexing Please Help!

    Hi guys I just brought these 2 blue gouramis I asked for male and female and I am home now but it looks like 2 males could u please sex them for me so I can go swop one if they both Male! Thanks!
  10. josh63762

    Going To Have A Second Go At Breeding

    hi guys some of u might remember that about a month or so ago tried to breed 2 golden goramies in a 30 L but the tank was to small and the female was to young. so I recently saw blue gourmeis at my pet store that are double the size of the gold and I'm going to buy a 60L tank to keep them In...
  11. josh63762

    Stocking A 100 L

    hay all I am restoring my 100L and I wanted what would be best to put in so my tank looks full and colorful thanks :)
  12. josh63762

    Plant Id Please :)

    Hi guys could you please iD this plant it grows in staight lines upwards thanks
  13. josh63762

    How To Revive Dead Java Moss

    hi all I just bought a ppiece of bog wood with java moss all over is but the java moss is partly brown there are small amounts of green but not a lot how can I revive It? the plants in my tank grow like crazy should I just leave it in my tank and see what Happens? or is there something special I...
  14. josh63762

    Picture Of The Month?

    hey guys I would like to suggest we make a pic of the month competition :) pics can be take of anything tank related fish,plants, decor etc and the pics will be judged on clarity and rarity and on the interests of the voters? Thoughts? :)
  15. josh63762

    Ghost Shrimp Turning Red?

    hay all I bought 6 ghost shrimp 2 weeks ago and they are currently housed in a 30L tank with puppy fry they have molded since I got them and now I notice they are getting a slight red tinge and very small pin head sized red dots on them? they are still small only about 2.5 cm. I was told by the...
  16. josh63762

    Mold Growing On Canopy!

    hay guys about 2 weeks ago I built a diy wood canopy for one of the tanks but I lifted the lid today and has a bit of green and white mold growing on it so I took it outside and aired it out and wiped the mold off. I then put a coat of polyurethane on the inside where the mold was I now just saw...
  17. josh63762

    Black Guppie Miracle!

    hay all I have great News! its something I have never experienced in my Life! my male black guppie was swimming around the tank with one find clamped and he was swimming is spirals then he would lay on the floor getting pushed around by the current...... he would even get stuck on the filter...
  18. josh63762

    Male Guppy Swimming On His Side?

    hay guys my black male guppy is swimming fast around the tank on his side I first thought his one find might be clamped but then I saw him stop swimming and hover using both Fins? any ideas will he be ok
  19. josh63762

    Male Guppys Hiding?

    hey all I have a 100L and in it I have 2 female guppies 2 male guppies 2 mickey mouse platys and 2 silver platys. for 2 days the male guppys have been hiding and I have noticed the one male guppy has had bison tail bitten any idea who the culprit could be I haven't seen anyone chasing anyone so...
  20. josh63762

    Got My Ghost Shrimp Now What?

    hey all I got 6 ghost shrimp yesterday they are about 2 cm long very small and cute lol now my question is the sellers told me not to feed them for the first 24 hours is this correct and they said I should boil peas and mash them then freeze them and give that to them is that fine I will give...