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  1. Ethos

    I Never Thought It'd Be This Difficult..

    .. to take down a tank! I took down my 55G today, and it was a nightmare! It took forever too. And was messy. And smelly. It's especially weird since I have this huge empty space in my room. I use to be VERY limited to were I could put things... but now I'm not. Haha. I only have a 12G nano...
  2. Ethos


    It's been a LONG while, hasn't it? :) I was doing some major overhauling on all my tanks today, and I'm at a point to where all I can do is wait. So I decided to jump back on here. As of right now, all my betas are either deceased or happily living with someone else. The only one I kept track...
  3. Ethos

    Out Of The Loop

    So many, many months ago I purchased and set up a 12G nano cube DX. I added the LR and LS, and some sort of odd concoction that some fellows on here encouraged me to. (I'm totally blanking on the terminology and names, so please excuse me) Anyways, when it came time to finally add the fish, I...
  4. Ethos


    Who/Where are the Mods? I haven't seen any familer ones on the forum yet?
  5. Ethos

    Where Is Everyone?

    I mean the whole betta gang? I've been briefing through a few threads and the only one I recognize is wendy, catxx, and Miss Wiggles. Where'd everyone go? It seems like TFF has a whole new betta gang?
  6. Ethos

    I'm So Jealous..

    I'm so jealous of all those people with large, beautiful planted tanks which are spotless and gorgeous. How in the world do they do it? I have that little ole' 55G with 3 small real plants, lots of rocks and 2 big, mean Oscars. Thank God they're not full grown! Hi everyone. I haven't been on in...
  7. Ethos

    Do Oscars Have Teeth?

    I have friends who have koi. I've become comfortable with letting the koi suck on my fingers; I put my finger at the top of my tank out of curiousity, and my oscars have become interested in my fingers. Now I know its stupid to let your fingers be bit off... SO Now I'm super curious? Is it...
  8. Ethos

    Quick Oscar Question

    Is it ok to feed oscers freeze-dried shrimp for a meal? I've heard of usuing it only as a snack, or treat.. My staple food for them are cichlid-sticks, but once in a while I feed them the shrimp.
  9. Ethos

    Now What?

    Its been a month and I don't want this to be nano failure #2. I added the shrimp and snails 2 weeks ago and they have thrived enormously. The shrimp comes out at all times and I've really been able to look over him. Its pretty cool. But when do I add fish. I'm only ancy because last time I...
  10. Ethos

    Powerball Jackpot

    Say you win the Powerball Jackpot (Todays estimated Jackpot $157 Million). What would you do with it? There was another one of these threads going around, but it was only like 1k. Be creative. Its a lot of money! I'd build a monsterous house out in CA with a Shark tank in the floor of they...
  11. Ethos

    Whats Good Evidance Bettas Need Bigger Tanks?

    I have 3 bettas - 1 in a 5G tank, 1 in a 2.5G tank, and 1 in a 1.5G bowl. I was showing off my room today (crowded by 5 fish tanks plus 1 bowl) and tons of my friends ask why I wasted such large tank space (5G commenly refered to as a "large" tank *Chuckle*) to fish that usually live in little...
  12. Ethos

    Whats This?

    Anyone know what this is? It came on my LR.
  13. Ethos

    I Got Oscars!

    Hey guys! I just got oscars! I just added one of them about four hours ago and the other about an hour ago. I'm excited for them to mature and charectorize! 2 medium sized tigers. I got them as a pair from the same tank at the store so hopefully they're a "pair". I'm going to switch feeding...
  14. Ethos

    How Do You Get Involved In A Frag Swap?

    Hey guys! I've been looking around this forum, and people keep mentioning frag swaps and groups and stuff. But how do you find them and get involved? I haven't found much for my area (Minneapolis/St. Paul). Are they usually safe for teenagers? Do teenages ever attend your guys' meetings?
  15. Ethos

    12g Nano Cube Dx Journal + I Have Questions!

    So today as a birthday gift from my parents they bought me a 12G Nano Cube Deluxe (deluxe meaning it has high intensity lights for corals)! I set it up tonight with about 11 pounds LS and 7 pounds LR. This is my second attempt at a SW nano, as some of you may remeber my first attempt. So later...
  16. Ethos

    Nano Cube Cracking?

    I'm thinking about investing in a 12G Nano Cube delux. A long time ago I remeber reading on this forum from StealHar or someone that they had a 24G nano cube that started cracking. If I invested in a Nano cube I would get very upset if it started cracking! Does anyone know anything about the...
  17. Ethos


    So I want a community-ish tank. What do you think about 6 Gourmis, 4 angel fish, 12 neon junbo tetras and a school of 12 cories? I have a 150 wt AGA heater and a Wisper #3 filter. Any suggestions on maybe if I should upgrade any of my equpment? The tank is 55G -s currently hosting a few...
  18. Ethos


    This past 2 weeks we've been re-landscaping around our house! We've pulled up a section of 10 year old grey/blue land scape rock that was apparently really popular in our neighborhood when all the houses went up! We're putting in gold mulch, but we have no idea as to plands and bushes. We have a...
  19. Ethos

    Good Background Plant?

    I'm trying to do a planted tank, and I'm starting from scratch. I figure I'm going to start from the back and work to the front. In the very front though, I think I want Glossostigma elatinoides, and for the background what do you guys think about something like Vallisneria neotropicalis? Thats...
  20. Ethos

    For The Hobbies Section..

    What about a section on our jobs/offices? What we do or wish we did? Just and Idea :dunno: :good: