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  1. Opcn

    How to attach heliofungia

    They start out attached to the reef but in their natural lifecycle they detach when they are still smaller than we see them in the hobby. It probably wouldn't kill them to be attached but they are sandbed critters. Some of the long tentacled varieties can actually puff up pretty big to extract...
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    Overstocked But Nobody Wants Myfish

    Let them be a meal, it's better than putting them in too small a space and letting them die from stunting. They were probably going to be a meal before that anyways. Beyond that what do you think became of the fish that became the fish meal in the food you feed them? Don't let your...
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    Tire Track Eel

    Probably not. They are not eels in the truest sence of the word, and the do not exist in full salt water in the wild. There are more colorful and active eels and eel like fish for marine tanks than tire tracks, ones that will have better immune systems as well.
  5. Opcn

    £80 For A Frogspawn Coral !

    The price is completely dependant on the size, buying corals is not like buying fish. While on head of frogspawn at an inexpensive shop might go for $20 at a very inexpensive shop a coral with 3-4 heads would be at least 50 USD and 5-6 heads would be 80 USD. I think 80 quid is too much for...
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    Major Water Restrictions..

    The farmers do need rain, Because rain is water, just like the water that you put on your lawn. For the farmers every drop counts. Your l;awn needs at least an inch a week to not be dead, there are food crops that make it on an inch a week, so a farmer could be making money off a patch of good...
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    Identify Fish!

    Sounds like its a loach of some sort.
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    River Shrimp / Ghost Shrimp

    Freshwater crustaceans are without a doubt the best food for cichlids, they are the primary food source for most south american cichlids in the wild.
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    Horrible Picture, Beware

    It is however a really cool shape for a tank.
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    How Much Have U Spent On This Hobby

    At least $3000 USD
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    What Do Shrimp Do?

    You probably saw Lismata Debelius no freshwater shrimp perform the cleaner function, There is an african fish that performs a cleaner function for hippos, but no shrimp, parasites are not a constant in fresh water like they are on reefs. As for the most colorful freshwater fish Apistograma...
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    An Idea(cancer)

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    Golden White Cloud Mountain Minnows

    The difference is about as big as the difference between a black cat and a grey cat.
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    Major Water Restrictions..

    I would recommend getting rid of all of your grass and non Xeriscape flowers right away. You aren't living in Scotland, and any water that you are using on your lawn is water that farmers could be using on there fields. Just my thoughts.
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    An Idea(cancer)

    Its been around long enough for the pattent to run out. But most Cancer cells are very very different, thats why Chemo works and why we can ID them through microscopy.
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    Angel Fish Eggs

    Triops are by there nature lazy. If there is sufficient dead food they won't chase down live food with much gusto.
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    An Idea(cancer)

    I'm not sure about yall, but I've been hearing a lot about a drug called Dichloroacetate, its basically partially chlorinated vinegar, but what it can do it regulate the way cells metabolize energy. Its been used for a while to treat a rare metabolic disorder in humans and is pretty safe...
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    Challenge The - Wolf

    Acanthurus tennent
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    Adf And Triops In A 1.5 Gal.

    No filter is better, yes that would be fine, also betas have been seen in smaller boddies of water in the wild.
  20. Opcn

    Shoaling Tips

    Toss in a bigger fish that moves quickly and they will shoal again.