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  1. Aussie_Bristle

    So much hostility

    Hey all hope everyone is well?! So pretty much what the title says!! What is going on guys, I haven’t been on much due to outside of the forum issues but I come back and everyone is having digs at each other and are at each other’s throats.. Not the forum it was and I’m not sure what has...
  2. Aussie_Bristle

    From start till now with the shrimp tank

    Hi all hope everyone is well?! So I thought I’d show you an update from when I first setup the shrimp tank 11th September, the middle photo is the one I posted on here on 5th Oct and last pic was taken today. I honestly thought I had it up and running longer tbh I love this tank so much :wub:
  3. Aussie_Bristle

    So this happened in my 76G tank

    Hi all Hope everyone is well?! So I decided to do a bit of a hardscape theme in the main tank today and this is how it worked out! I’m a bit nervous about it as I’m so used to a heavy planted tank especially with the Val but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.
  4. Aussie_Bristle

    The new shrimp tank

    Hi all Hope everyone has been well?! Well I have finally finished the shrimp tank (well that’s a lie cause we are never finished working in our tanks)! Everyone has settled beautifully and I have babies that have already been born in it :wub: Now to just sit back and watch it flourish!
  5. Aussie_Bristle

    Taiwan bee mischling shrimp - my new little ones

    Hi all Hope everyone is well?! I wanted to show some of my new little additions. I got them for $8 AUD a piece which is a steal as ppl sell them for $25 AUD and up a piece. They are so darn cute, I can’t get enough of them! :wub:
  6. Aussie_Bristle

    I think my blue eye is in love with the filter nozzle

    Hi all Hope all is well?! So I posted a few weeks ago about my blue eye guarding around my filter. He would chase the other fish away from it then go back and check up the filter. Well we have moved on to rubbing and fluttering his body up the output nozzle. He will go away come back and do it...
  7. Aussie_Bristle

    Welcome back Colin

    Just want to say welcome back Colin.. you have been very missed by all of us here!! :wub:
  8. Aussie_Bristle

    I’m upgrading the shrimp tank

    Hi all hope everyone is well?! So I have had a 34 G/127 L tank sitting under the house for months now as the old boy wouldn’t let me set it up!! Well, I have whinged and harped the much that he finally said yes and the shrimps are going to be upgrading to this tank!!!:yahoo::yahoo: Any tips...
  9. Aussie_Bristle

    When the girls won’t share

    My 2 lovely ladies munching on the cucumber. They both laid long ways across the cucumber so no one else could get any :rofl: Lucky everyone else had a go before they got there.
  10. Aussie_Bristle

    Swords and guppy babies

    Hi all Hope you’re all well?! Well after seeing NC’s beautiful babies, I thought I’d take the time to post some of my little ones. I’ve loved watching these little ones grow and develop their beautiful markings.
  11. Aussie_Bristle

    Blue eye breeding (maybe)

    Hi all Hope everyone is well?! So, I have often seen the breeding behaviour between my little guys, get boisterous and chase each other around flaring their fins. But this time is a bit different. This little guy has been very territorial with the side of the filter, any fish that comes...
  12. Aussie_Bristle

    Tri- sulfa

    Hi all hope you’re all well?! So I have gone with antibiotics to fight the last of this columnaris with tri sulfa. I have never used antibiotics in my tanks before, can I get advice on how I am suppose to remove the med after it runs its course. So instructions are to run for 3 days which is...
  13. Aussie_Bristle

    Please help me

    Hi all Hope you are all well?! I have had 3 cories and 2 guppy girls die in a matter of 2 days. I’m not sure if it’s gill flukes or columnaris. The cories have had their flesh eaten around there gill area and back around there fins almost like bruising and the guppies have been clamped fin and...
  14. Aussie_Bristle

    I think I hate snails

    Hi all hope all is well?! Well exactly what it says in the title... I am over snails and I think I hate them!! I want to get rid of my haters snails that are in my tank but not sure how.. maybe I’ll keep 2 and that’s it! And MTS well these guys are a different story, I have been culling these...
  15. Aussie_Bristle

    I’ve found a girl for sailor

    Hi all Hope you’re all well?! Well it’s happened, I found a gorgeous little hifin girl for my boy sailor. Meet Kayla :wub:
  16. Aussie_Bristle

    The girls next door

    I was on the patio and could her fossicking in my front garden. I look over and here I find the 2 girls from next door have a ball in the garden. I put one back and as I went to get the other one from the garden and I look over the the 1st girl is on her fence :rofl:
  17. Aussie_Bristle

    I couldn’t help myself

    Hi all Hope everyone is well?! So I had to go and get food for the fish babies today and ended up coming home with 4 fish also :dunno: I’m not big on buying from LFS but I had to get these little ones, they were just so unique and beautiful! Meet Rock, Tiger, Lala and Gavin. 3 mini mollies and...
  18. Aussie_Bristle

    My first lot of guppy babies getting their colour

    Hi all Hope you’re all well?! My first lot of fry have been colouring for a couple weeks now but today their colours were bright and beautiful. These are 2 of my boys, the colours on my full body boy are just stunning, looks just like the dad.. a show off like him too. The other boy is...
  19. Aussie_Bristle

    Damselfly larvae

    Hi all I saw this little guy when I was moving the almond leave around in the shrimp tank today and thought what the and it quickly went and hide. I was looking in the shrimp tank again tonight before turning the light off and saw it again. Well this little bugger took me for a ride around the...
  20. Aussie_Bristle

    Egg size difference

    Hi all Hope everyone is well?! I thought I’d show the egg size difference between a caridina and a neo. My little models in the photos are of my gorgeous little ninja lady (caridina) and my sweet little yellow lady (neo). What a difference!!