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  1. Akeath

    Male Swordtail as centerpiece fish? Mixing male Swordtails and male Platies?

    I’m interested in maybe getting a male Swordtail sometime in the future, but I have a few questions about them. I’d want to avoid the territorial aggression I would get from keeping multiple male Swordtails together. I’m also concerned about fry overstocking the tank. Are male Swordtails still...
  2. Akeath

    Poll- Are plecos cute, ugly-cute, ugly, or meh?

    I chose ugly-cute, but I think what they really are is so bizarre looking that it becomes fascinating. My Bristlenose is a female (fewer bristles) albino (doesn't camouflage, so I can actually spot her) longfin (more graceful as she moves), and all of those traits help too.
  3. Akeath

    What fish/ others to get when you can't feed daily

    If it were me, I would just buy an automatic feeder. There are a lot of these on the market, they are around $20-$30. Also, I've always just fed my Bettas once a day, 3-5 pellets per day, and they've done well. Shrimp I usually feed dry foods like pellets every other day, and have a lot of...
  4. Akeath

    Brown Algae

    I've had brown algae issues specifically when using API Leaf Zone before. I discontinued its use and switched to Flourish Comprehensive and the brown algae went away. You usually get brown algae or Diatoms as the algae type when there's a combo of high nitrogenous wastes plus low light, high...
  5. Akeath

    Apple Snails

    Apple Snails can breed in tanks, and I've got several that were born in my tank, but they are less likely than other snails to have a population boom. This is because their eggs are laid above the water line in super obvious pale pink clumps that are easy to notice and remove as long as you give...
  6. Akeath

    What is your favorite floating plant and why? Poll.

    I've kept a lot of these at various times. Personally I prefer the ones with long roots like Water Lettuce, Red Root Floater, and Amazon Frogbit. The roots of these plants go down into the upper water column, providing hiding places and stimulation for fish in the entire upper quarter of the...
  7. Akeath

    **Question of the week** | What is your favorite aquarium plant, and why?

    I personally prefer the growth pattern of Christmas Moss, but that's just my opinion. Christmas Moss has a sort of triangular fern-like growth pattern that comes to a point and tends to be more uniform (for moss). Java Moss's growth pattern is more stringy and slightly disorganized in...
  8. Akeath

    **Question of the week** | What is your favorite aquarium plant, and why?

    I really like Christmas Moss. It has one of the prettier growth patterns for moss and attaches to hardscape especially well. It is a pretty versatile plant, too. It can be grown on wood or another piece of hardscape to give a softer look or to hide an unattractive part of the decor, and also is...
  9. Akeath

    Guppies, platies, and catfish gasping

    To make it even more complex, there's an aquatic spiderwood and a non-aquatic terrestrial wood also called spiderwood. So if you get spiderwood, you have to make sure it's sold for aquariums.
  10. Akeath

    Can I use this substrate with panda Cory catfish ?

    You should get smooth sand for Corycats, as Naughts mentioned. In addition to a Corycat's feeding habits working best with sand, Corycats are more prone to barbel infections if kept on gravel. I have Super Naturals Aquarium Sand and it works well. You want a smooth sand so it doesn't damage...
  11. Akeath

    How Do You Use Moss?

    I love moss, I once had a tank entirely devoted to different types of moss. It works best thoroughly tied to rocks, wood, or craft mesh with cotton string. You can go ahead and wind the string around and around the object to make sure the moss is thoroughly tied on. Fissidens fontanus, Christmas...
  12. Akeath

    Guppies, platies, and catfish gasping

    Grapevine actually is not aquarium safe. It is often used for terrestrial reptiles, but should not be put under water. If put in water it will rot, causing spikes in nitrogenous wastes. I suspect the wood is decaying and releasing Nitrite or Ammonia. High levels of either can damage a fish's...
  13. Akeath

    What was your first fish

    My first fish were Fancy Guppies. I had a breeding colony.
  14. Akeath

    If you could have one freshwater fish, what would it be?

    As far as a favorite fish goes, I think a Bolivian Ram. Rams are so intelligent, they are as interested in me as I am in them, and their feeding habits are adorable. Of course, that is setting aside that they really do better with dither fish so they know everything is safe. A Ram would probably...
  15. Akeath

    Plant help

    For carpeting plants, I really like Marsilea. They look a bit like Glosso, but have low lighting needs and don't require injected CO2. This is one of the easiest carpeting plants, although it grows slowly. There are multiple species. Your tank is large enough that even some of the somewhat...
  16. Akeath

    Which group of tetras to get for 30 gallon

    The long feelers of Honey Gourami are like fin nipping magnets. Even Tetras that aren't known for being terrible fin nippers are tempted to bite those right off, and unlike other fins they will not grow back properly and Honey Gourami use their feelers so much to explore their environment that...
  17. Akeath

    Honey Gourami with Mystery Snails or Amano Shrimp?

    Has anyone tried keeping Honeys with Mystery Snails or Amano Shrimp? Were there any issues? Did the Honey Gourami nip the bodies or antennae of the inverts, or do they make good tank mates?
  18. Akeath

    Tankmates that would work with Amano Shrimp and Mystery Snails as well as fish?

    I'm thinking I might want to try adding another fish or critter to my 40 gallon breeder. I likely don't have room for an entire school, though, so it would need to be something that could live individually or in a small group. One of my biggest concerns is making sure it wouldn't nip at the...
  19. Akeath

    favorite and least favorite things about fish keeping!

    There are so many things about fish keeping I love. Number one would be researching animals and creating an ideal habitat for them. I also love watching them grow, thrive, and breed. Every time I do a weekly water change I love sitting down and watching them afterward and feeling that I'm taking...
  20. Akeath

    40 Gallon Breeder Stocking and Setup Questions

    In my area anyway, the kH has always been considerably lower than the gH. My hardness kit came with both kH and gH test kits, so I did a few tests just now. The tap water came out as 5 degrees kH, and the tank itself came out as 3 degrees kH.