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  1. Opcn

    An Idea(cancer)

    I'm not sure about yall, but I've been hearing a lot about a drug called Dichloroacetate, its basically partially chlorinated vinegar, but what it can do it regulate the way cells metabolize energy. Its been used for a while to treat a rare metabolic disorder in humans and is pretty safe...
  2. Opcn

    I'm About To Stock My 24 Gallon

    I know its a Nano tank, but I figure my thread is going to be more about the SPS that I'm adding than the fact that its nano, Here are some photos of it as it is right now, not very good unfortunately. Three pics with lights off first Here is my Viper Clamp Lamp from JBJ. Its slightly off to...
  3. Opcn

    Growing Danios Quickly

    I Just started up a planted tank, Plants come in on Friday, sand the next Friday. Right now I have 6 Danios in the tank, three are a good size but the other three are very small, I'd like to get all three of them nice and big, what food do you suggest? I don't really have access to many live...
  4. Opcn

    She Needs Help And Interest Here is a rough Promo for Garden Girl, she hopes to get ahold of some sort of network exec and produce a show. Its a subject that I hold near and deer to my heart and I'd encourage you all to watch and share this promo.
  5. Opcn

    I'm Looking For A Hercules Beetle

    I found a site that sells hercules beetles, water scorpions, tarantuals, millipedes, and other bugs online a while ago, and I've just descided to get one, but I cannot find the site, So I was wondering if any of yall could help me find one of these guys, Prefferably Dynastes hercules lichyi but...
  6. Opcn

    Forums Not Working For Me

    On my campus here cannot be found, however off campus it can, and throught a proxy like I can find it and acces it just fine, I'm thinking that maybe at some time overr the summer william might have banned a swath of IP's including mine, although I myself have not...
  7. Opcn

    Need A New Word/link Blocked

    I'm a member of a few plant and bonsai forums, and these #@%!$@#W$%'s at 4bonsai seem to advertise only by posting phony testimonials, I would really like the word 4bonsai to be blocked and for any link to there site to show up as, I remember william doing it before, thanks. Edit...
  8. Opcn


    We have a water smoker and lately I've been slowcooking alot of cow and hog over realwood charcoal (not briquets) seasoning with rubs mostly, what have yall been doing with it?
  9. Opcn

    Perhaps A Change In The Sig Rules

    Loads of people on here do not follow the signature rules, but there signatures are not overly long or painful to look at. I think that perhaps we could rework the way things are layed out and instead of allowing one picture no more than three hundred pixels high and two lines of text or five...
  10. Opcn

    Lets See The Flowers

    as some of you may know I'm into the whole garden scene, I'l just post one picture today, more later, heres a Blue Poppy as taken from below after a light rain. Enjoy
  11. Opcn

    Perhaps A Seperate General Hobbies Section?

    The traffic in the general hobbies forums is rather spotty and its hard to tell from the main forum page were a new post it, So I would like it if either the 6 subforums could be forums of there own within the general block or if they could be given a block of there own so that visitors do not...
  12. Opcn

    Fry Question

    I have a 5 gallon tank with a female molly that has just had fry today. I moved out all my other fish (the male molly, a cherry barb, and two platys) besides the bottom feeders (a plecostamous and two cory catfish) which I left with the female mollie in the same tank as the fry. Is this okay...
  13. Opcn

    Something Cool That Someone Else Should Do

    Alright, I have this Idea that I developed with a friend (well he stood there while I postulated) that I am not going to share with anyone till I get the resources to do it, However there are periferals that I am more that willing to share, especially if someone else can work out the nitty...
  14. Opcn


    My helfritches firefish died! it was murdered acctualy, it shot into a pistol shrimp hole and got popped in the head, and that was the end of that 250 dollars. GAH! **** ****** cow *** **** ***** of the ******* what a **** in the ***!
  15. Opcn

    My First Molly Has The "shimmies"

    Its a black sailfin male, the water is nice and hard, 8 dKH. Fins are not clamped, temp is 78, nitrates are @ about 5 ppm, amonnia and nitrite are both undetectable. So what besides lack of salt could this be? I had to work really hard to get this guy into my 24 gallon and I don't want to lose...
  16. Opcn

    Just Hosting A Pic For Another Section

    Why would you go and do a thing like that.
  17. Opcn

    I'm Out Of The Reef Keeping Business

    Well, I just got back from spring break, came in to see my tank walls covered in a thick brown film, I had the tank set up to take care of itself pretty well, a CUC that Nav would have considered large, Clams and filter feeders and lots of light, but the abmient temperature in my room rose to...
  18. Opcn

    Should I Be Worried?

    So I have a hectors goby that is digging a burrow (I didn't even know they dug burrows, I thought they just sifted sand for algea) anyways hes digging it under my long tenticled plate coral, I'm a bit afraid that one of these days it will eat him, since hes so small and is on the large side of...
  19. Opcn

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    So I sold a tank (5 gallon hex, thirty bucks at walmart) to a friend with a heater (twenty at lfs) and a good plant bulb (25 watt 6700k, ten bucks) for twenty dollars because hes a smart guy and I thought he would be a good addition to the hoby, the problem is that his girlfriend who is also a...
  20. Opcn

    Looking For Syringes For those of you who are too afraid to go into a pharmacy and ask or too lazy or whos pharmacy has turned them down. I sugest the 25 gauge needle, costs like 25 cents plus shipping.