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    Please Take A Quick Questionnaire

    Please take a quick quiz for me! I've got myself in a bit of a pickle, and I need as many people to answer this as possible by tomorrow (100 if possible)! With 90 members online at a time, this should be easily possible! ...Or at least you'd think... :rolleyes...
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    A Few Macro Shots

    Not necessarily the bst shots, but I just felt like sharing. :)
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    Monsters Of Rock 2006

    :hyper: Well...*squeals* What can I say? Monsters of Rock was truly awesome. It's impossible to describe it properly without rambling on. So I'll describe it in the best way I can... *screams incredibly loudly* Yes. It was that good. :lol: But anyway, I got some great pictures, because I'm...
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    Exorcism Of Emily Rose

    One of the worst films I've ever seen. It's starts off incredibly boring and then stays the same all the way through (or so I presume, we didn't get to the end of it, because we got bored). To be honest, it's not ven scary in the slightest, and incredibly predictable. If you're thinking about...
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    Pet Of The Month Winner's Banner

    Well done to karen4kevin and of course, her cute little Gizmo! I hope you like this banner, but, as usual, if anyone has any suggestions, wants anything changed, etc. I'll post an alternative version and karen can makeher choice! :D
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    Winner's Banner Info seems that I've decided that have a new policy on winner's banners for the PotM Competition. First and foremost, if you win, it will be your responsibility to contact me. This is because I have periods of time where I can't be bothered to come on (I know, I'm so naughty.) and also...
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    Maya Deren (the Band, Not The Person)

    Yes...well...I'll be hurt by them if I don't advertise their amazing talents here, now I've got the chance. A great unsigned band who are hoping to make it big (some of you may have heard of them, their bassist is aka Link or Vase;) ). I enjoy their music immensly. Please...
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    Animal Pictures

    Well these were taken at the local(ish) Safari Park. These are not in the order I took them. First off the elephants... Lovely lemur...! Gotta love lemurs... Marmoset 1... Marmoset 2...I think this one is my favourite! Squirrel monkey and her baby! Come and do the conga! Na na...
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    Rock Cleaning For The Driven Insane

    Rock Cleaning for the Driven Insane This article, is, as can be guessed from the title, about cleaning rocks. In particular, anything which is similar to "lava rock". Anything similar to lava rock, will attract algae. It's quite simple really, there's so many cracks and dips in it that the...
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    November Potm Banner

    Sorry it's so late! I haven't been on here in ages, and I should really get on the site more often. Here it is! Again, I'm really sorry it's so late, I'll try ot get on more often! Hope you like it Timmy - if you don't tell me, and I'll re-do it. This was the first time I've attempted that...
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    Some Pictures

    Starsky the lovely pony, looking very manly! This is Conor Both belong to my friends, and here is Buster, who belongs to one of my parent's friends. He's such a gentle dog! Not a pet, but just so cute!
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    Potm Banner October

    Not too pleased with it. But it wa the best out of the several I tried. :grr:
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    October Potm Heat 2

    Below are the nominations for this month's heat 2 of the PotM competition! Monty - posted by: SirMinion Cat - posted by: camshaft Rigby (and Brandon!) - posted by: BrookeLea Minky - posted by: catxx Izzy - posted by: Bre_B Maggie - posted by: livelife Tarantula - posted by...
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    Winner's Banner

    Winner's Banner for Spetember 2005 PotM Contest! Well done Naughty Girl! :clap:
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    Kitties And A Dog

    All of these belong to either close friends or relatives. This is Poppy This is Daisy This is Fudge And this is Buster
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    Sunflowers And Ladybirds

    I took there pictures a while ago and never posted them on here.
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    Angel Lady's Banners

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    He doesn't usually look this elongated...:S The water marks made him look all knobbly... :look: "And up the tank I go, I'm a ballon, I'm an aeroplane! I'm a FISH!" "And down again...LOOK AT ME GO! I'M AN AEROBICS INSTRUCTOR!" "Ignore the algae and no one gets hurt... *shifty eyes* "...
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    August PoTM Winner's Banner

    Nisha and Chloe! Will this do, or do you want something saying she won PoTM too?
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    October's PoTM Nominations

    If your pet has been nominated for the Month of October's please post here Please post the image with (img) tags so we can see it here, and add a link to the thread where it was nominated.... If you would like your pet to be in October's PoTM competition, please post them in here. Please...