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  1. Welshweeks

    Should I Introduce Snails To My Shrimp Only Tank?

    Recently completed a fishless cycle in a 40L shrimp only tank and stocked with 12 4-6 week old RCS last weekend, so as you can imagine they're pretty small. It's a reasonably well planted low tech tank. Should I introduce snails to the tank? I've got some MTS in my community tank and also would...
  2. Welshweeks

    Shrimp Cave

    Hi All,   Just ordered some slate to make some features for the shrimp tank. I'm going to make a cave type structure, is it best to have a closed back or open? Or does it not really matter?
  3. Welshweeks

    Super Glue & Slate

    Hi All,   I think super glue is ok to use in my tank but just thought I'd ask to be sure. I would also like to use natural slate, which again I think is ok?   I assume if both ok the glue will bond slate to slate?   And finally is ANY make of super glue ok to use?   While I'm waiting for my...
  4. Welshweeks

    Fishless Cycling Trouble! Any Advice Appreciated1

    Hi All,   Currently cycling a 40L tank for shrimp only. here's the thread I started on it   Anyway, I'm on Day 40 of the fishless cycle which I'm not really bothered about, but thought it would have been quicker as...
  5. Welshweeks

    What Shrimp Food Do I Need

    Hi All,   I'm getting my 40L tank ready for shrimp only and would like your recommendations as which type of food to buy for them, is Hikari tropical shrimp cuisine any good?   I cracked today and bought 6 RCS from my LFS and they are in my 180L community tank. They seem fine so far with plenty...
  6. Welshweeks

    Mopani Wood Lowering Ph?

    Hi All   I'm currently fishless cycling a 40L tank purely for shrimp. I have a piece of mopani wood in there which seems to be lowering the PH, it's usually 7.6ppm but has gone as low as 6.4 during the cycling process (I've done a large water change twice so far, on day 38 of cycle). Will this...
  7. Welshweeks

    Shocking Pics From A Lfs!

    Hi All,   Was out and about earlier and decided to pop into a LFS to see if they had anything interesting in there (as you do!). While looking at the tanks I came across these poor fellows in the pics below (2 separate tanks). There was a young lad there who was doing a water change on some...
  8. Welshweeks

    Stocking Ideas For A 40 Litre Shrimp Tank

    Currently doing a fishless cycle on a little 40ltr tank with the intention of putting in some cherry shrimps or similar. Would also like to put in some other stock maybe some galaxy rasbora or chilli rasbora, what do you all think? I assume these will be suitable for the tank and if so what...
  9. Welshweeks

    Java Moss & ?

    Hi All,   Could somebody confirm that this is java moss? Not sure what the other leafy plant is? Both growing fine though! If I trim the JM? (like a haircut trim lol) can I just then secure this to some wood or some mesh and it will grow?   Thanks.  
  10. Welshweeks

    Wire Mesh

    Been looking for some mesh to put some of my java moss etc in and came across this on ebay which seems pretty cheap?   What do you all think, and if it is ok for use what would be the...
  11. Welshweeks

    Filter Media

    Hi all Just started to fishless cycle a 40ltr tank in the view of starting a shrimp tank. It's a second hand tank and after giving it a good clean and using the filter supplied by the previous owner I was hoping there would have been some good bacteria left in there but not looking too good...
  12. Welshweeks

    Suction Cups!

    Does anyone else have trouble with the suction cups on their glass thermometers? Mine tend do lose suction after a few months. Any tips?
  13. Welshweeks

    Just Picked Up A 40Ltr Tank

    Hi all not posted in quite some time! I just picked up a second hand 40ltr nano tank and the chap who I bought it from said he emptied it a week ago. The gravel is still wet and the filter is still in there etc. Do you think the bacteria is still alive? Also I was thinking rather than put new...
  14. Welshweeks


    Hi All, Not posted for a while as everything is good in my tank! I've recently started looking at some guppies and would possibly like some males in my tank, the obvious question is are they compatible with my current community stock? Current stock; 9 x Rummynose Tetra 6 x Five Banded Barbs 2...
  15. Welshweeks

    My Fishies

    Hi Everyone, Just thought I'd ask what people think of my current stocking. All fish seem fine although I had a recent bout of Ich that took about 5 weeks to eradicate! It was very mild and I didn't lose any fish and they never seemed distressed. Tank - Aquaone Eurostlye 80 - 80cm x 42cm x...
  16. Welshweeks

    Waterlife Protozin

    I was in a lfs yesterday having a look for some new stock and overheard the owner talking to a customer about whitespot and the owner of the store said he regularly add's protozen when introducing new fish to his tanks and when he does water changes and recommended this to the customer. The...
  17. Welshweeks


    Hi All, I currently have my lights on in my tank for 7 hrs per day (on a timer) they come on early afternoon until late evening. I'm thinking about also putting them on for an hour in the morning as the room my tank is in is quite dark in the morning and I can't really see them. Would this...
  18. Welshweeks

    Brown Algae

    Hi All, I currently have a breakout of brown algae in my tank which is slowly covering my bogwood, rocks and plants. I was interested in getting some Otto's in a while as I'm thinking that my tank is too "new" at the moment and my understanding is they prefer alage to fish flakes/tabs etc? So...
  19. Welshweeks

    Poorly Dwarf Gourami

    My female Dwarf Gourami isn't looking too good. She started behaving odd yesterday eve and is constantly at the surface near the outlet pipe (see picture below). All the other fish are fine, I do have another male in there although he is not bothering her as far as I can see and I'm usually in...
  20. Welshweeks

    Time On Your Hands?

    A mate emailed this to me and I thought I'd share it with you, but be careful you might keep wanting one more go!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!