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    Hi all. Haven't been on in a while because my tanks have all been doing quite well. As the title says, I am going to be moving soon. I am currently on city water, and the place I am moving to is on well water. The water there is very hard. So my question is directed at anyone who has moved in a...
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    Where To Buy Good Fish

    It occured to me the other day when my Fave Angel passed away :( that she was just about the oldest aquarium fish I ever saw. Even my foot long common pleck was only 10 when he died last year. I bought both of those fish at North American Fish Breeders on Kingston Rd. Near Midland. So if you...
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    She was such a sweet fish. Lived most her life with neons and didn't eat them. She recognized me when I went up to the tank and would give me kisses at the surface. And when strangers went near the tank she would hide. Such a sweet smart fish. Here is a picture Visit My Website
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    Offered Free Yellow Lab

    I was offered a yellow lab by an aquaintance who no longer wants her fish. The only problem I have is that I cant put it with my Angels, which only leaves one tank. The shark tank. Normally I wouldnt put anything with those dumb ass sharks because of theyre spooky behaviour being a danger to a...
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    Lifespan of angels

    Just curious if anyone knows the average lenth of time angels live in aquariums. My oldest is at least 7-8 based on how long shes been with me and I got her after someone owned her for several years. I dont know how old she was when they got her though so I can only speculate on her age. Just...
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    Rip Nessy

    I lost my footlong common yesterday. Poor thing was such a nice fish. She was a toughy too as she outlived her previous roomate the red devil only to die when she finally had neighbors who were gentle and friendly. She would let me pet her little nose while she was sucking on the glass and would...
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    Gta Fish meet Big Als?

    Anyone interested? How does Sept 10 or the following week sound? Big Als Scarborough.
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    Breeding angels

    In case anyone is wondering my newest angels laid some eggs last week and within a few days had eaten all of them. My lfs says that they will only do that once or twice and then will start to raise them. I thought I would ask the real experts about they're experiences. On a side note she also...
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    a dilemma

    Iv got to remove my id sharks from there tank so I can to a complete cleaning on their tank. Ever since I got them and the tank free there has been a terrible algae problem. The brownish red stuff eeeeeeeeeew! I have been awaiting the warm weather so that I can take the tank out side and use the...
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    Ugly algae

    Well as some folks know I got a free tank a while back. It was in a bad state when I picked it up. Did it ever stink. And it looked like it hadnt been vacuumed in a year. It came with 3 id sharks so I kept the gravel and some water so I wouldnt have to put them through the cycle seeing as I had...
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    Live Foods

    I recently read on a fish profile website that bloodworms are not good for Boesmanni rainbowfish. I have fed mine some before reading this and thankfully have not had any problems. I am now looking for some thing else to feed them that my angel will also enjoy. I was thinking of krill. My...
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    Python question

    Im so excited. I have been wanting one for so long. But had too many other things draining my cash. Now that we have a tank that is way to tall for me to lift the buckets up my hubby has to do it. So I have convinced him (and myself) that is is a neccesity now. Im going to pick it up tommorow...
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    And I thought I was catching mts

    I have been thinking more and more about another tank lately. Were gonna get a 100g one day. But I come back from a girlfriends bridal shower yesterday and my hubby has scored us a 45g with its inhabitants. Except for a couple that someone else beat us to. A friend of a friend doesnt feel she...
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    I was wondering if a female rainbow, that cant find a place to drop her eggs will exhibit odd behavior. ie. not eating or swimming near the surface. Water params are pristine, and she can swim down so its not swim bladder. She just doesnt want to. Im just wondering because my female is doing...
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    Rainbow not eating

    My last female rainbow hasnt eaten in a couple days. She is hanging out at the surface, but can swim down. She just doesnt seem to want to. She looked a bit beaten up but I havent seen any fish picking on her. Iv used melafix since I first say it 3 days ago and she doesnt look as bad now but...
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    Any tarantula(spider) owners

    Just wondering if anyone has had a Pet Tarantula.sp??? I am thinking of getting one, and was curious if what I hear is true. That they recognize their owners and are great pets.
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    Went to the lfs today to get some more albino corys for my school, but they were all out. :( They had 2 of the green ones (anyone know what their really called?) But they were both sucking on a dead fish so I decided against getting them. Anyhoo as I was about to leave I saw they had some new...
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    This is a bit of a silly post, but I just noticed I got my 5th lil fish in the box with my name and avatar. :drink:
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    Brave little corys

    These corys are brave little things. Right from day one being in my tank, they were very curious about my giant pleco. They go and wiggle all over his face, and try to school with him. Sooooo adorable. Last night I saw one of them go right up and steal an algae disk from the sea monster. Its a...
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    uh oh

    So the scoop is that I had a rainbow which I beleive had a parasite. He didnt eat for 3 weeks. And when I saw some mucus looking thing comming out of his ass, I took him out and started medicating for parasites. That fish eventually passed away. This morning the other parkinsoni has a similar...