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  1. Meeresstille

    Assasin Explosion

    From what I have observed with my tanks, your tank will find its balance between whatever food they find and number of snails. They eat any food, not only snails. I was actually told to feed my fish sparingly while I was trying to get the assassins to deal with my pond snail problem because if...
  2. Meeresstille

    Lapis's Solo 5Gal

    Beautiful, great job LyraGupy! And I enjoyed your video just the way it was. I can't wait to see vid #2! :)
  3. Meeresstille

    Dr. Tims Waste Away And Bettas?

    If you have a separate tank or even just a critter keeper, you could keep the Betta in there for the short time while you treat the affected tank. 
  4. Meeresstille

    Ideas For Divided 10 Gallon With Bettas?

    I use HOB filters and that's what I had in mind. Glad you like the idea, would love to see pics of your tank no matter what you will end up doing with it! :)
  5. Meeresstille

    Aqua One Trio

    I really like the look and the idea of it. It would be even better if the compartments were a little larger.  The different colours for each tank idea I find beautiful, even though I am more a natural looking tank fan myself.
  6. Meeresstille

    Ideas For Divided 10 Gallon With Bettas?

    If I were to try a divided tank, no less than 10 gallon, I would make 3 compartments. The end compartments being the same size and the middle one just large enough to house the filter and the heater. There are a few benefits for this: if one Betta were to get through his divider he'd still have...
  7. Meeresstille

    Ich Qs

    Yes ellena, I think a new thread is a great idea. I never dealt with fungal infections myself and would have to look it up too. Probably best if someone with experience helps you with this!
  8. Meeresstille

    Bad Conditions For A Dwarf Gourami

    Oh, that's wonderful!  Have you looked into how you want your tank to be stocked? With the right tank mates you're experience will be a lot better.   I have a yellow honey gourami in a 40 gallon long tank with 10 Harlequin Rasboras and Red Cherry Shrimp. Lots of plants, driftwood and a fake...
  9. Meeresstille

    Ich Qs

    The salt treatment still may have had its benefits even if it wasn't ich. Very sorry one of your fish did not make it! 
  10. Meeresstille

    Aquarium Water Brown Yellowish Colour.

    Sounds like it could be an algae problem. How long do you keep the tank lights on? Is the tank in front of a window, getting direct sunshine?   Plus one on the selection of fish. Please research their requirements. Even if they are small right now, they need their suggested minimal tank space to...
  11. Meeresstille

    Bad Conditions For A Dwarf Gourami

    Yes, he could be. But you best separate these two fish either way. :)
  12. Meeresstille

    Bad Conditions For A Dwarf Gourami

    If I were you I would plan a stocking for the tank and decide from there which fish can stay (based on compatibility). In the right group of fish I'm sure your gourami would no longer have any issues. If your LFS accepts fish back you could exchange the gourami for a fish (or group of fish) that...
  13. Meeresstille

    Ich Qs

    I wonder if what you saw initially as ich spots, were the cottony growths of a body fungus? When these cottony growths fell off they could have left these scar marks that you see in the picture. Ich spots are very tiny, those "scar marks" left behind from your fish's spots are much larger.
  14. Meeresstille

    Pink Project

    Very interested how it will turn out too. Following! :)
  15. Meeresstille

    Bad Conditions For A Dwarf Gourami

    The behaviour could very well just be stress. If you can separate the two fish safely I would do so. Returning one of them to the LFS would be a good option as well.
  16. Meeresstille

    Ich Qs

    Salt can be very hard on the fish's kidneys. If you see any sign of ich could you post a picture for us? I don't know what this secondary infection is, and the heat/salt treatment might not be the right treatment for it. Oh, now I understand it, thanks eagles, I thought she meant the first...
  17. Meeresstille

    Ich Qs

    What your fish has is not ich!   This is ich:
  18. Meeresstille

    I Desperately Need Help :(

    You may have lost the cycle, this can happen when we forget to add dechlorinator to the water before turning the filter back on. Or there wasn't enough bacteria to keep up with the amount of ammonia being produced.   Please test your water and post the results !!!
  19. Meeresstille

    Ich Qs

    Try to increase the oxygen in the water. This can be done adding an airstone, or lowering the water level if you have an HOB filter. The water falling back into the tank from a greater height causes more splash and adds more oxygen.   You could try soaking the food in some garlic juice before...
  20. Meeresstille

    Would A Blue Light Upset My Fish?

    Some people switch to a blue light for about an hour just before bedtime. Sort of like a dusk period in the evening. My youngest son's Betta cube has such an option on the light, but usually I forget to switch it over. The fish does not seem to mind one way or another.