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    Is my tank Cycling again?

    So I recently upgraded to a bigger tank, and moved over the established filter material and plants. For the first ~10 days the daily water readings looked normal (0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, 5 Nitrates), then suddenly the Ammonia has gone up to 0.5ppm, nitrates up to between 10 and 20ppm but no...
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    White lump on Tetras mouth...

    So I've moved my fish to a new tank today and in the process noticed one of my tetras has a lump on his mouth (see photos). He seems otherwise fine, is swimming naturally with the others and doesn't seem especially bothered by it. Any ideas what I'm dealing with?
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    Reading a Nitrate test

    It's me again! I'm halfway through moving my fish into the new tank. I've reused the filter media and dunked half a bottle of safe start in and let it run for an hour. I've used a master test kit to test if the Nitrates have survived, and I'm getting a result like the pic below. I gather I want...
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    What plant is this?

    Pinterest has gone full Pinterest on me and has given me ideas without any of the information I need! Can anyone tell me what the plants used in this setup are? I think it may be vallisneria but I'm not sure which type?
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    Fluval Cabinet

    This might be a daft question and very much a newbie one - Im setting up a Fluval Roma 125 on the cabinet it came with. I notice that the stand isnt solid wood (chipboard I think) and doesn't seem to be a particularly complicated structure, seems like any normal IKEA unit to me. With the...
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    Boiling driftwood

    Hi guys, So I've bought some driftwood from my LFS and am trying to sterilise it before it goes in the tank. It's too big to boil in a pan so I've put it in a plastic container and filled it with about 15 kettles full of water (see pic). Does this look the right thing to be doing with it? I'm...
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    Upgrading to a bigger tank

    Hi all, I posted on here last summer as I was setting up my first tank, and I'm back for some more advice! I currently have a 40l tank with 8 Neons and various snails / shrimp that all seem to be getting on fine. I know the tank is on the small side for the neons and its a bit of a nightmare...
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    First Aquarium Photos!

    Hi all, new member of the forum here, sharing my first tank set up. I've found it really hard to know which way to go with this because after being in 6 different aquatics stores, watched countless YouTube videos and scoured forums I've found I've been told something completely different every...
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    Chipped Tank

    Hi all - I'm new to the forum (and fishkeeping) so this is my first of many newbie questions. I'll introduce myself properly and share some tank pics on another thread, but for now I could do with some quick advice; I've bought my first aquarium, a 35cm square 40litre "AquaOne", cleaned it up...