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  1. Byron

    Very active corys

    That would be best. The issue of roughness is one issue (that seems OK here from your description), but there is a bacterial issue with larger-grain substrates and that could arise at any time. Third issue is the natural "expected" habit of filter feeding which the cories cannot possibly...
  2. Byron

    20 g high tank

    Bettas (male) are certainly so0litary fish, and putting them in with anything is risking either the Bettas or the other fish. Sometimes it may work (or so some say) but it is foreign to the inherent nature of the Betta and it is always best to assume the norm and not risk the fish. Otos (if...
  3. Byron

    German Blue Ram female is hiding

    There was nothing more to be done, the fish either accept one another or they don't. As for acquiring another female ram, I would not. I did this with my Bolivian Ram, and it did not end well.
  4. Byron

    German Blue Ram female is hiding

    In the first post of this thread, you mentioned that the "pair" formed at the shop. This may or may not have been the case. But regardless of that, even a supposedly bonded pair may suddenly divorce. I cannot tell much from the photos, but if the male is really hounding the female as you...
  5. Byron

    Can someone help me with picking fish for my 30l tank

    We might be able to suggest some. If you could provide the dimensions (length, width, height), and the source (tap) water parameters especially GH (hardness) and pH.
  6. Byron

    What name is this fish?thanks

    Hemigrammus ocellifer suggests itself to me too, but I have a slight doubt. More and clear photos might help. There looks to be an adipose fin, which is not present on H. ocellifer, and the fish in the two photos is a bit narrower top to bottom. The upper and lower colour blotches in the...
  7. Byron

    What snail is this?

    As long as you have fish in the tank, you will never have "just 1" of these small common-type snails. As @Essjay posted, not overfeeding your fish partly controls them. They do not add to the bioload, because they are feeding on organics which are already in the tank--stuff like all the fish...
  8. Byron

    Colombian red fin problems

    This is not normal, but I will not begin to guess as to what it is or could be. We have members much more experienced in this area, but they are going to want more data. Tank size, total number (species and numbers) of fish, how long has it been running. When you do water tests, always post...
  9. Byron

    What are these snails? Should I remove them?

    Some aquarists like having these harmless snails, some do not. The fact is, they are beneficial, and well worth having. They eat organics, which means all the fish excrement, plus any dead organic matter, and they eat algae from surfaces like plant leaves (not sufficiently to deal with problem...
  10. Byron

    What is your favorite substrate for planted tanks?

    The answer is in post #11 from @Dephea .
  11. Byron

    German Blue Ram female is hiding

    This is a nice aquascape. :good: The rams did not likely eat the eggs, but you have two fish that probably did; the cories mentioned in post #3. They are very active at night, when the rams are "sleeping," and my Bolivians lost three of four egg batches to cories during the night. The two...
  12. Byron

    Blackwater questions

    I use oak leaves in tanks for primarily "natural" reasons but I also use them for fry. My 10g was home to my pygmy cory fry and also used to grow out Farlowella vitatta fry. Fry use dried leaves as a good source of infusoria; all fry of any species will develop faster with dried leaves...
  13. Byron

    What is your favorite substrate for planted tanks?

    When we have fish in the tank (as opposed to an aquatic plant tank) the substrate needs to be suited to the fish, as some species have specific needs. And knowing cories are included here (from the other thread) you need soft sand. What plant species will not remain rooted? Cories obviously...
  14. Byron

    Blackwater questions

    I agree with post #2. The water staining effect will dissipate over time, primarily with water changes, and also as the tannins from the organic items (wood, leaves) lessen. This "blackwater" will reduce light entering the tank significantly, depending upon the extent you do this.
  15. Byron

    Which Tetra?

    Given the subsequent data on the tank/fish species, P. innesi (the neon tetra or the diamondhead neon tetra, same species) would be the best "fit" as this species prefers (= needs) the lower temperature (around 24C). This is getting on the low side for the other two warmer water species, and...
  16. Byron

    Which Tetra?

    I prefer Paracheirodon simulans (green neon) because the neon line extends from the eye to the caudal peduncle and is thus the longest and straightest of the four "neon" species. This gives this fish a more slender, straight appearance. The lower red area is less brilliant, sometimes very much...
  17. Byron

    Can I keep Cory with small gravel?

    I've seen your other thread on this, and posted. I doubt they are able to filter feed the lava soil, but it is obviously sharp enough to have destroyed their barbels (as you reported) and even parts of their mouths are apparently missing, and the bacterial factor is there too.
  18. Byron

    What can live in a standard 20 gallon?

    That all sounds very good. The temperature obviously could be easily lowered or raised depending upon the fish selected, but the GH and pH and aquascape are good. I listed groups of fish earlier, it really is up to you as to what intrigues you. You do want less active fish as opposed to fast...
  19. Byron

    Mysterious Cory Injuries

    This is the issue...rough volcanic soil. Cories should only be housed over very soft sand; aquarium river sand is best, but some brands of play sand are also OK. It is most likely the sharpness but in such a substrate bacteria can cause trouble for substrate fish. There are many species of...
  20. Byron

    What can live in a standard 20 gallon?

    Just to make sure on the water...if you could post the GH and pH while you're at it, it will help. But moving ahead, your options are more than you might think. Nano fish are very popular these days, and you could have quite an active and thus interesting community in a 20g with the dwarf...