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  1. Colin_T

    Platy had 1 baby ???????

    Most were probably eaten. Have lots of plants in the tank and feed the adult fish 3-5 times a day so they are full and less likely to eat the babies. When the babies appear, use a small container/ cup to scoop them up ad put them in a breeding net or another tank.
  2. Colin_T

    Dropsy or ??

    Generally with dropsy, the fish will get fat overnight and its scales around the belly will stick out from the body. The sick fish will stop eating and produce a stringy white poop. If the fish is eating well and has normal coloured poop, it does not have dropsy. The fish look fine to me.
  3. Colin_T

    Amusing salt water fish: coelacanths

    That's interesting but I have my doubts about the 5 year pregnancy bit. No animal on the planet carries young for that length of time, even elephants have a shorter gestation period (18 months), and whales (between 1 & 2 years depending on species). Sharks carry young for 6-12 months so 5 years...
  4. Colin_T

    New... again... starting over

    Hi and welcome to the forum :)
  5. Colin_T

    Leaky canister filter

    It's probably easier to find a new o-ring and put a thin layer of Vaseline on it. I have had electrical tape drop into an aquarium and it didn't affect the fish over the few days it was in there. However, the glue on the tape could be an issue if the fish are exposed to it long term. If you use...
  6. Colin_T

    keeping multiple BNPs?

    All algae eating fishes are territorial to some degree and that includes suckermouth catfish. They are territorial because they need to protect their patch of algae so they have something to eat. As a general rule, bristlenose catfish are territorial but not overly. We had them in the shop...
  7. Colin_T

    Hello everyone!

    Hi and welcome to the forum :)
  8. Colin_T

    Guppy has a white bump

    Just do a big water change and gravel clean the substrate, then add some salt. Make sure any new water is free of chlorine/ chloramine before it's added to the tank. ------------------- SALT You can add rock salt (often sold as aquarium salt) or swimming pool salt to the aquarium at the dose...
  9. Colin_T

    Is this product safe for scaled and scaleless fish?

    I can't help with the product you want info about. However, fish rubbing on objects and breathing heavily can be a sign of poor water quality (ammonia, nitrite or nitrate), or an external protozoan infection like white spot or velvet. ---------------------- Can you post some pictures and a...
  10. Colin_T

    How to get rid of ramhorns

    You can use a small net and scoop out any snails you see. Do this several times a day and eventually you will get rid of most of them. The snail eggs can be scraped off plants, ornaments and glass and removed when you do a gravel clean and water change. Khuli loaches don't eat snails or snail...
  11. Colin_T

    Community night vision chill out

    cant see anything., it's all black
  12. Colin_T

    One glofish tetra opening and closing mouth

    can you post a video of the fish on youtube, then copy & paste the link here for us to see the fish breathing?
  13. Colin_T

    dust in tank

    Use a basic model gravel cleaner and suck it out. Established filters should be cleaned at least once a month.
  14. Colin_T

    Colin's Dilemma

    Update time. I officially received an eviction notice in the mail today. I have 2 months to vacate the property. There is nowhere to move to and I physically can't move in my current state of health. My car is still stuffed and I can't get a mechanic to fix it because there are no mechanics...
  15. Colin_T

    Can I keep Cory with small gravel?

    As long as the gravel is smooth and not sharp or rough, it is fine
  16. Colin_T

    Another question: what do you do with your dead fish?

    One of the guys at the pet shop used hair spray on his shrimp molts and even some dead fish. He set them up how he wanted them, and then applied several coats of hair spray. I'm not sure how long they lasted but if they are sealed up airtight, they should last a while.
  17. Colin_T

    Random Discussion

    The link from NannaLou says people studying can avoid the draft/ conscription. If you can start studying a university degree, you will be exempt. Vet studies perhaps? You can also reduce the time you serve if you do it part time at high school. From the information provided, if you choose the...
  18. Colin_T

    Random Discussion

    Welcome to climate change. Proudly brought to you by the humans of planet Earth (aka Eden). If you find the current weather patterns unpleasant, just wait for the ones in 10 years time. Day time temperature around 50C, no rain, bush fires everywhere. Carbon dioxide levels so high people and...
  19. Colin_T

    Is this fin rot?

    The best treatment for fin rot is cleaning the tank up and maybe adding a bit of salt. If the fish was unwell before you got it, then just do a big daily water change and gravel clean the substrate for a couple of weeks and that should allow the fish's immune system to heal the damage. You can...
  20. Colin_T

    Another question: what do you do with your dead fish?

    You can use alcohol to preserve them too. Use 25% alcohol (75% distilled water) and put the fish in it for 48 hours. Then put the fish into a new solution of 25% alcohol and seal the container up. Replace the solution if it starts to evaporate. Alcohol preserves DNA unlike formaldehyde, and...