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  • Sorry for the delay in my response. I been away on business. I only keep 1 male and 1 female these days due to the jealousy factor.
    Please email me at cuz I'm not in the habbit of checking my profile for communications. Hope you and Frederick are fine. :)
    I got my first betta when I was a young teenager, and although I've had several different kinds of fish since, I *always* go back to bettas. They are so smart and personable (not to mention quite pretty). How many do you have? I just have one right now.
    I guess I said too much. LOL! I was saying
    Aren't there many times when you just want to pull them out of their tanks and kiss them all up. :)
    Thank you. I'm new here and I'm not even sure if typing in this box will get a message to you. I don't want to hog the board but I can talk all day about them. And I love anyone's commpasion for Bettas as well.
    Bettas are the most amazing, loving and BEAUTIFUL fish. I love them all and be honest....Aren't there many times when you just want to pull them out of...
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