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    33 Gallons Of Good Views, Pretty Tails And Lazy Swimming

    Cool, good idea with the video, might try that myself
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    Hello All

    Just had Mother on the phone, the Angels have egg's already, she took 2 phone pics, not great but you can see them    
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    Hello All

    Was sold to me as a common plec
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    Hello All

    Hot of the press  
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    Welcome, lots of good advice on here :)
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    Hello, Partly New To The Fish Hobby!

    16! people have fish older than you  welcome to the forum ;)
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    Hello All

    Got another pic today, bit better     
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    My Other Pets, Cats And Dogs

    Found another pic, jasper trying to catch fish
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    Hello All

    Camera is by the tank for when he pops out LOL ;)
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    Hi Folks

    Welcome, just joined myself, look forward to pics
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    Hello All

    Well I did try to get a pic but came out very dark    
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    What Breed Is Your Dog?

    We have a Beagle and a not known breed rescue dog   Floyd, have to guess what breed    
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    Hello All

    Yes I know about plecs size, I only bought 2 small one's from the same tank in the shop, they looked the same but one has doubled in size, the smaller one has gone in the tank above and I have kept the bigger one. So they both have a 4ft tank each, will try to get better photos later but as you...
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    Hello All

    A few pics from the move, and mostly Angel pics, 2 small angels and a plec are in Mothers tank