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  • Hey snake. I contacted you through PM on the other forum because apperenltly all 3 of my email addresses are invalid, and I can't sign up. But they aren't invalid, as I used them to sign up on another forum already today
    Hi you commented on my thread about tank mates a while ago. Just wondering how many corys you would recommend for a 90l (23 gallon) tank ?
    i think that maybe you could go for a predator/odball tank whats the tank dimensions tho. i would personaly get sum sort of knifefish and go from there
    Thanks mate and Yes its getting costy and I will let you know if I need another helping hand, Were just sorting out materials first and planing it.
    900 gallon tank open to suggestions. hmmm MALAWI mate. cost you a bomb for all the filters and rock you'd need but would really good i think. isn't 900 gallons around 4091.481 litres? good luck cycling it. if ya need a hand i'd help just to see a 900 gallon tank would be worth it.
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