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    i've also heard cory catfish work is this true?
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    Clay pots

    Can I just buy a clay pot from a store and put it in my tank? or are there special pots?
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    Man swallowed fish

    What channel or station was that on? like discovry?
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    29 gallon planted

    But i need help with list 2
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    Started w/ cleaning house

    But is it a 10 gallon?
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    Help! Is this blood inside my fish?

    I think it might be pregnencey problems but im not 100% sure
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    29 gallon planted

    And do plants die ever unles they are mistreated? What plants do you reccomend cause I wanna make this thing a jungle
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    29 gallon planted

    I want to have a 29 gallon planted And i have a few questions. 1.What are some good plants and decorations 2.How do I care for the plants 3.It will be a coldwater tank with 1 Fancytail and 1 Black moor Goldfish Thanks in advance Oh and Can I use sand and how? What kind? How do I make...
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    Post your tank pics here!

    Hey I need some ideas for my new tank im setting up so if you could post some pics up here of your tank that would be great Thanks ;)
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    Started w/ cleaning house

    Thats a 10 gallon tank..Looks a lot bigger then that too me maybe its the wood?
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    I sunk my shipwreck

    Let some hair grass grow on that ship now that would look sweet but it looks great now also do the fish hide in it?
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    Ok thanks guys
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    It's people like this that make me sick!

    So Cruel Look at that it makes me sick poor thing in a tiny little bowl like that i'd like to give that guy a piece of my mind. :angry:
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    Im gone for a week nobody to watch my fantail goldie..I do have a automatic feeder feeds twice a day will he be fine for a week? Or what?I will do a water change before I go and my room stays at 72 73 degrees What do you guys think?
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    Goldfish with others

    No it would not work Goldfish are coldwater neons and rams are tropical. It is not good to mix these fish as it would affect the gold fishes health and they may possibly die. And I think if you wanted to move them to the pond and have your 55 gallon a tropical tank that would work out best but...