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    Neon tetra missing x2

    hello I have a 30 gal freshwater tank. Fish in the tank are as followed 7- neon tetra (was 9) 1- eyespot puffer 2- cichlids (one electric yellow, with babies in mouth) and one super small albino 1- spotted clown knife fish 1- goldfish 2- ram cichlids 1- red claw crab 1- fiddler crab 1-...
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    New Please Help

    Hello all saltwater enthusiast. I am setting up a new fish tank and want to know if i got all the right stuff or if i do not need it.... -a 30gal tank -50gal outside filter -ungerwater filter -protein skimmer -live sand - live rock Is this all that i need to set up my fish only tank or do i...