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    Boesemani Rainbowfish

      Ditto, you might be able to keep a fish alive in 20-30 gallon, but in no way is it suitable to keep adult fish long term bearing in mind they need to be kept in groups, allow for their natural interaction etc.
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    Rainbowfish Id

    Hi, your information is correct. 1. They are indeed females. 2. 99% sure they are boesemani females. 3. Having bred this species, it is true males are discernable from approx 1".
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    My Turquoise Rainbow Has Developed An Orange Stripe!

    He is not angry so much as horny. The blaze which in M.lacustris might be orange, but I have seen usually bright sulphur yellow is commonly associated with male fish trying to "get it on" with the ladies, failing that just about any fish that is in the vacinity. :P
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    Sexing Bosesmani Rainbowfish

    Male Boesmani Femaile Boesmani Male and female Males are more colourful and have a definate Yellow colouring to the latter half of the body whereas females do not exhibit such bold colouring. Females tend to be a general olive green- yellow, black markings and with perhaps streaks of...
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    Silver Shark?

    Here is a reasonably good home for Bala Sharks: 1400 litre tank Shoal of mature Balas
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    Callamanus Worm Treatment

    Actually after searching the net for treatment of worms in the UK, i actually found Anton's post one of the only few on the net. While I am confused with his measurements (what is 600mm?), thanks to him and also Mikaila for providing some information on ways to treat and sourcing medication that...
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    Denison Barbs

    I do have a group of denisons with an RTBS, but the tank they share is 8ft long. There has been next no agression, the RTB not bothering with them. However in a smaller environment I could not say for sure.
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    Small Rainbowfish

    I think the muccullochs would be a hardier species only becuase they have not been so mass bred as the praecox. 10 fish is a very good number to go for, but also consider that you do not need to buy that many in one go.
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    Glo Fish

    I think the issue is with ethics of modern techniques of GM anything and its proliferation.
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    Is My Boesemani Breeding?

    I noticed you seem to have some very nice boesmani. :)
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    Small Rainbowfish

    It is always a bit risky with preacox, I would not rule them out, like Ive said beofre observe them for a while before you buy to give a greater feel for how they are doing. I should think the Muccullochs would be hardier.
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    Small Rainbowfish

    Unfortunately there are no serious breeders in the UK that I am aware off. Hence that is why I have been traveling to Europe to get mine. I do breed mine, but would not call myself a breeder on the lines of real breeders that have 50+ tanks constantly going. However once I have moved in a few...
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    Small Rainbowfish

    Oh are you talking about Sweet Knowle Aquatics then? They are one of the better Rainbowfish suppliers in the UK. All spotted blue eyes are Psuedomugil gertrudae, but there are many natural forms that come from different locations in Australia and Indonesia/Papua New Guinea. Captive bred in...
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    Favorite Rainbowfish?

    Hi Chillipepper, yup lacustris are gorgious and I think not apprecited enough. They are easily in the top 5 most beautiful rainbows. Thing is in rainbow world many of us loonies(im only an amateur loony :))get excited about newer more rare species, but most of them are nothing on this dazzling...
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    Small Rainbowfish

    Hello, I keep them all. Threadfins are probably your most sensitive, but especially in relation to other species and do best in a species tank. Muccullochs and Neon dwarfs would be fine together. The Neons are better in thereabouts around neutral water, but captive bred specimens should be...