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    My Poor Tetra!

    I hope its not a parasite. I dont want my whole tank infected . Ive tried the same Arcticfox, shes not going down though. Thing is she seems fine okay. Like I said shes eating fine and still schools with the other 11 tetra I have.
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    My Poor Tetra!

    shes been constantly like this for over a month now xion0374 doesnt get any smaller. Have fed her peas to see if it constipation but nothing seems to change
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    My Poor Tetra!

    Wondering if anyone has any advice on my glowlight tetra. Shes been very chubby for some time now. I thought she might have been ready for some fry but apparently not. No signs of dropsy from what I can see. She eats well and swims well?? Just very very chubby    Sorry for the naff photo quality 
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    Ceratophyllum Demersum

    Do you have some Ceratophyllum demersum left boaworld??
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    Stocking Help

    I would love to do that lock_man but Fairy corys are so hard to get hold of :( I dont think I could get rid of him derp, hes very happy in my tank :) he was previously in a very well run mature community tank before he joined us last year. He's my little boys favourite too :D
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    Stocking Help

    Cheers TallTree, I really need to spend more time researching how to stock!! Im going to the lfs today so shall see what sort of corys they have in stock. I agree thats a good place to start :)
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    Stocking Help

    Hi everyone, Ive had my 180 juwel planted community running for about a year now, currently home to a bristlenose, an african butterfly cichlid, 6 fairy corys and 12 glowlight tetras. I'm looking to add some more fish. Just not gotta clue what and how much room we have left. Anyone any...
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    Cycle On Its Way, Stocking Idea's For 180 Juwel :)

    Hey there!! My 180l Juwel is well on it way in its fishless cycle with ammonia clearing within around 36 hours and Nitrite is being processed too. Soooo.... Ive been researching some fishes I would like to keep. I was very tempted to turn this tank into a african cichlid tank but Im swayed by a...
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    Excited!!! Starting my next fishless cycle!! :D

    Excited!!! Starting my next fishless cycle!! :D
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    Sam's 2Nd Fishless Cycle

    Hey all, Started a new fishless cycle today in a 180l Juwel. Ive had this tank for ages now but with a house move been on the cards for the past 6 months I decided to wait until I had moved house before cycling it. So here I am all moved and excited about my new venture. :hyper: I started...
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    Look What I Found In One Of My Lfs

    They're awesome!!!! So pretty!
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    Sam's Fishless Cycle

    30.08.11 Ammonia: 2.0 Nitrite:0 Nitrate:0 pH: 7.5 31.08.11 Ammonia: 2.0 Nitrite:0 Nitrate:0 pH: 7.5 01.09.11 Ammonia: 2.0 Nitrite:0 Nitrate:0 pH: 7.5 02.09.11 Ammonia: 2.0 Nitrite:0 Nitrate:0 pH: 7.5 03.09.11 Ammonia: 2.0 Nitrite:0 Nitrate:0 pH: 7.5 04.09.11 Ammonia: 2.0 Nitrite:0...
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    Sam's Fishless Cycle

    Thanks chick, i still have faith. ;) x
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    How Do I Find A Post?

    Hi Miles I'm quite new on here so i may be wrong, apologies if i am but can't you go to your own profile where theres a tab at the top where you can check the topics you have started? That's if the advice you got was thru a topic you started and not on another thread :) Sam
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    Sam's Fishless Cycle

    Oooo :) that sounds fab hun, thank you. Yes Sam shhh :) Todays (29.08.11)parameters are Ammonia: 2.0 Nitrite: 0 but a slightly different colour light blue to yesterdays result. Nitrate: 0 pH: 7.5 And my pump is still flowing ;) making a conscious effort to check it is working every day.