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Fishing (catch and release), camping,reading,and fish keeping.
Jun 26, 1956 (Age: 66)
notrhwest missouri United States
My Aquariums & Fish
Six aquaraiums down from twelve, Numerous species of freshwater fish. Very much enjoy since my teens,, observing fish and their habits. I often trade fish that I have raised to local fish stores for credit to purchase other fish that interest me.
Currently caring for Tetras of many species, loaches,plecos, Angelfish,(1) Electric Blue Jack Dempsey (1) German blue Rams(pair), Synodontis, corydoras, and Guppies(fancy). Have kept many other freshwater species as well up to and including discus.
I study the fishes closely and have been doing so since early 1970,s when I began.
hope to be able to learn from others and offer help if possible.